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AOS 2020

Observing for Action

Dates: March 30 – April 22020
Location: Akureyri, Iceland
*Held online due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Winter in Akureyri, Iceland. Photo by Sigurdur Fjalar Jonsson on Unsplash.

Conference Statement

The conference statement summarizes the main conclusions and calls to action from the summit.
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Summit Information

working groups
executive committee


Conference sub-themes to support the overarching theme, Observing for Action:

  • Sub-Theme 1: Design, Optimization and Implementation of the Observing System
  • Sub-Theme 2: Observing in Support of Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Sub-Theme 3: Observing in Support of Indigenous Food Security and Related Needs
  • Sub-Theme 4: Data Interoperability and Federated Search
  • Sub-Theme 5: Arctic Observations in the context of Global Observing initiatives

Working Groups

The following working groups have been developed based on the sub-themes of AOS 2020. The AOS Executive Organizing Committee is working with experts from diverse sectors to develop these themes so that important advancements, gaps, and opportunities can be discussed at the Summit.

Working Group 1: Design, Optimization and Implementation of the Observing System

Alice Bradley, Hajo Eicken and Roberta Pirazzini

The working group will review, discuss and develop recommendations on the following topics:

  • Review of relevant initiatives and tools aimed at cataloging and assessing various existing observing system components (in situ, satellite, and associated model and prediction systems). Relevant observatories include big national/international programs, single-institution long-term monitoring projects, community-based monitoring as well as individual/small team observing campaigns.
  • Drawing on findings from the above to identify the value and role of the various observing activities in the context of an overarching observing system, and to chart paths towards integration of such system components.
  • Identifying criteria for observing system optimization.
  • Contributing to the SAON Roadmap for Arctic Observing, a document to help the muster resources and channel activities in support of an integrated Arctic observing system.

The working group seeks input from researchers, community members, operational observing organizations, and engineers involved with observing systems at all scales, and the private sector.

For detailed information about Working Group 1 sessions during AOS 2020, review this agenda.

Working Group 2: Observing in Support of Adaptation and Mitigation

Maribeth Murray

This working group will focus on environmental issues and the role of observing in developing economically viable options for the Arctic that lead to policy development and the implementation of actions in support of adaptation and mitigation.

Group members will review, discuss and develop recommendations on:

  • Key aspects related to the successful use of observing technologies to improve or facilitate decision support, risk management, adaptation initiatives and mitigation strategies.
  • Observing needs to be filled quickly or expanded to support scaling up of strategies for adaptation and mitigation during the next decade.
  • Leveraging global initiatives to support adaptation and mitigation in the Arctic.

This working group encourages input from community groups, researchers, operational agencies and entities charged with the development and implementation of adaptation, management and mitigation strategies, the private sector, policy makers and Arctic Council working groups among others.

For detailed information about Working Group 2 sessions during AOS 2020, review this agenda.

Working Group 3: Observing in Support of Indigenous Food Security and Related Needs

Raychelle Daniel and Gunn-Britt Retter

Address approaches and priorities to increase the efficiency, reach and impact of observations in support of Indigenous food security and related needs.

The working group seeks input from experts who will work towards the formulation of actionable recommendations and chart a path for observing activities that facilitate the implementation of proposals related to an increased understanding of Indigenous food security.

For detailed information about Working Group 3 sessions during AOS 2020, review this agenda. Please review the presentations (Burk, Heeringa, Behe) and background materials (Alaskan Inuit food security conceptual framework, Visuals for breakout session) for the WG3 session on March 30 at 6 pm.

Working Group 4: Data Interoperability and Federated Search

Peter Pulsifer

Draw on synergies with SAON Arctic Data Committee and Polar Data Forum to ensure that overarching observing framework emphasizes data integrity spanning collection and management over time to different data users, including science, community management activities, policy development, and decision-making at all scales. Click here to watch a video introduction to WG4.

For detailed information about Working Group 4 sessions during AOS 2020, review this agenda.

Working Group 5: Arctic Observations in the Context of Global Observing Initiatives

Thorsteinn Gunnarsson, Jan Rene Larsen and Peter Schlosser

The Working Group will discuss and create an overview of the relevance of Arctic observing for global actions.

The group will discuss and formulate recommendation on the basis of these questions:

  • Which existing and upcoming Arctic observing initiatives have global relevance and importance?
  • How to bring Arctic observing to the global action level?
  • Who is the target of this: Arctic Council (and their member countries), European Commission, UN?
  • How to connect arctic observing with, for instance, the Paris agreement. Are there any model countries?
  • How to involve non-Arctic countries. What are their motivations for engagement?
  • What are the obstacles? And what could or should be done to remove or resolve these?

Representatives from global and regional organizations, including Arctic Council Working Groups, European Commission, GEO, Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) and WMO. Representatives from MOSAIC and T-MOSAIC.

For detailed information about Working Group 4 sessions during AOS 2020, review this agenda.

Executive Committee


  • Peter Schlosser, Arizona State University, USA
  • Hajo Eicken, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  • Thorsteinn Gunnarsson, The Icelandic Centre for Research, Iceland


  • Alice Bradley, Williams College, USA
  • Raychelle Aluaq Daniel, Pew Charitable Trusts, USA
  • Gerlis Fugmann, Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany
  • Larry Hizman, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  • Eva Kruemmel, Inuit Circumpolar Council, Canada
  • Jan Rene Larsen, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program/SAON Secretariat, Norway
  • Maribeth Murray, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Roberta Pirazzini, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
  • Allen Pope, International Arctic Science Committee, Iceland
  • Peter Pulsifer, Carleton University, Canada
  • Ravi Darwin Sankar, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Federica Scarpa, International Arctic Science Committee, Iceland

Summit Products

final report
Synthesis documents
white papers & Short statements

Synthesis documents

Synthesis documents have been prepared for Working Groups 1–3 and 5:

  • Working Group 1: Design, Optimization and Implementation of the Observing System – Synthesis
  • Working Group 2: Observing in Support of Adaptation and Mitigation – Synthesis (March 31 draft)
  • Working Group 3: Observing in Support of Indigenous Food Security and Related Needs – Synthesis
  • Working Group 5: Arctic Observations in the Context of Global Observing initiatives – Synthesis

White Papers & Short Statements

Author(s) Title Contact ID Sub-Theme(s) Download
Yurganov, L.N. The need for a year round satellite monitoring of atmospheric methane over the Arctic Ocean Email 2019_001 1 & 5 PDF
Streletskiy, D., Maslakov, A., Noetzli, J., Schoeneich, P., Smith, S., Vieira, G. and Irrgang, A. Sustaining permafrost observations: priorities and needs of the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) Email 2019_002 1 & 5 PDF
Koponen, S., Attila, J., Kallio, K., Anttila, S., Alasalmi, H., Kervinen, M., Keto, V., Bruun, E., Vakeva, S., Metsamaki, S., Heinila, K., Bottcher, K. and Torma, M. Utlization of the Copernicus programme for the monitoring of the Arctic Email 2019_003 1 & 5 PDF
Davis, K.K. Observing for Action: A Narrative Email 2019_004 2 PDF
Kaplin, N. Urgent Measures to stop Siberian Forest Fires Email 2019_005 1 & 3 PDF
Gascon, G., Mariani, Z., Melo, S., Mills, B. and Wheeler, M. Leveraging existing sites for meteorological observations to support Search and Rescue operations in the Arctic Email 2019_006 2 PDF
Christensen, T. R., Stedmon, C.A., Andersen, S.B., Dahl-Jensen, D., Edelvang, K., Hansen, A.M., Jakobsen, U., Matzler, E., Mikkelsen, P.S., Mulvad, G., Rysgaard, S., Seidenkrantz, M.-S. and Sorensen, L.L. Greenland Integrated Observing System (GIOS): A potential sustained contribution to International Arctic Research and Development Email 2019_007 1 & 5 PDF
Köhler, A., Antonovska, G., Chamarczuk, M., Fedorov, A., Gajek, W., Geissler, W., Majdanski, M., Malinowski, M., Schweitzer, J., Vinogradov, Y. Seismological monitoring in the Arctic for fostering multidisciplinary studies of the solid Earth 2 and the cryosphere Email 2019_008 1 PDF
Petaja, T. Integrating the environmental data for the Arctic: from observations to applications Email 2019_009 1 PDF
Lappalainen, H., Petaja, T., Vihma, T. and Kumala, M. Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Program addressing the future needs of the Northern High Latitudes Research Infrastructure Email 2019_010 5 PDF
Abdel-Fattah, D., Ekenberg, L. and Larsson, A. The use of multi-criteria decision analysis in understanding Arctic change in a cryosphere context Email 2019_011 2 PDF
Hubner, C., Holmen, K., Lihavainen, H., Jennings, I., Ignatiuk, D., Jawak, S., Godoy, O. and Andersen, B. Coordinating a distributed mutlidisciplinary observing system - lessons learned from Svalbard Email 2019_012 1 PDF
Law, K., Arnold, S., Schmale, J., Petaja, T., Kostantinov, P. and Baklanov, A. Arctic Air Pollution and Society Email 2019_013 2 & 5 PDF
Jones, T., Behe, C., McLennan, D., Arvnes, M., Wesseberg, S., Sergienko, L., Harris, C., Harcharek, Q., Fletcher, S., Nichols, S., Christensen, T. and Larusson, K.F. A Co-production of Knowledge Approach to Monitor Change in the Biodiversity of Circum-Arctic Coastal Ecosystems Email 2019_014 1 & 3 PDF
Seeyave, S. and Owens, N. Statement from the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO) on the need for an Arctic Regional Component of the Global Ocean Observing System Email 2019_015 5 PDF
Lee, O., Wiggins, H. and Little, J. Bridging organizations to support researcher recommendations, and tackle unresolved societal value assessments for sustained Arctic observing Email 2019_016 2 PDF
Tjernström, M., Pirazzini, R., Sandven, S., Sagen, H., Hamre, T., Ludwigsen, C., Beszczynska- Möller, A., Gustafsson, D., Heygster, G., Sejr, M., Ahlstrøm, A., Navarro, F., Goeckede, M., Zona, D., Buch, E., Sorensen, M., Soltwedel, T. and Danielsen, F. INTAROS synthesis of gap analysis of the existing Arctic observing systems Email 2019_017 1 & 5 PDF
Taylor, A.R., Farmer, L. and Bombosch, A. Arctic expedition cruise tourism and citizen science: a valuable contribution to Arctic observing capacity Email 2019_018 1 PDF
Tishkov, A., Belonovskaya, E., Glazov, P., Vaisfeld, M., Krenke, A., Morozova, O., Tertitskiy, G., Svetlana Titova, S., Lappo, E. and Tsarevskaya, N. Changes of the Russian Arctic Biota: The Scales and Factors Email 2019_019 5 PDF
Sagen, H., Sandven, S., Hamre, T., Sørensen, M., Soltwedel, T., Beszczynska-Møller, A., Blondel, P., Sejr, M., Houssais, Marie-N., Tronstad, S., Voss, P., Rønning, B., Worcester, P.F. and Matthew D. The Future Arctic Ocean Observing System (F-AOOS) Email 2019_020 1 PDF
Garland, A., Seemann, H., Ravens, T. and Overbeck, J. Arctic Risk Management Network: Linking Regional Practitioners and Researchers to Improve Mitigation Through Participatory Action Research by Community Monitors about Erosion and Surges to Improve Forecasting Email 2019_021 2 PDF
Manley, W. F., Gaylord, A.G. and Tweedie, C.E. Optimizing Arctic Observing Through Interoperable Information Sharing Across Networks Email 2019_022 1 & 4 PDF
Hogg, I.D. SCAR’s ANTOS initiative as a potential model for monitoring terrestrial and nearshore marine environments in the Arctic Email 2019_023 1 PDF
Divine, L.M. and Robson, B. The Indigenous Sentinel Network: The use of community-based monitoring to enhance food security in northern coastal communities Email 2019_024 3 PDF
Kourantidou, M. and Bailey, M. Monitoring food insecurity among Inuit: The Forgotten Pillar of Fisheries Management Email 2019_025 3 PDF
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Alaska Inuit Food Security Definition Email 2019_026 3 PDF
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Savoonga Marine Mammal Advisory Committee Focus Group: Food Sovereignty and Self Governance Email 2019_027 3 PDF
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Eskimo Walrus Commission Focus Group Summary on Food Sovereignty and Self Governance Email 2019_029 3 PDF
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Yup'ik and Cup'ik Past and Current Managers of Salmon Focus Group: Food Sovereignty and Self Governance Email 2019_030 3 PDF
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Inuit Past and Current Managers of Marine Resources Focus Group: Food Sovereignty and Self Governance Email 2019_031 3 PDF
Druckenmiller, M., Mutter, E. and Divine, L. Toward Advances and Applications for Landscape-Scale Coordinated Monitoring Networks in Alaska and Northwest Canada Email 2019_032 2 PDF
Barry, T., Helgasson, H., Christensen, T. and Fannar-Larusson, K. The Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS) - ensuring archiving and access to biodiversity data Email 2019_033 4 & 5 PDF
Behe, C., Daniel, R.G. and Raymond-Yakoubian, J. Observing frameworks need to reflect a co-production of knowlege approach to equitably include Indigenous Knowledge systems Email 2019_034 1 & 3 PDF
Ruiga, I.R., and Burmenko, T.A. Monitoring System to the Energy Security Threats of the Arctic Regions Email 2019_035 2 PDF
Joseph, H., Loseto, L. and Larsen, J.R. Plans for an Arctic Global Earth Observation System of Systems - Arctic GEOSS Email 2019_036 5 PDF
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Food Sovereignty and Self Governance - Inuit Role in Managing Arctic Marine Resources - Collective Meeting Summary Report Email 2019_037 3 PDF
Barry, T., Christenses, T., Coone, C., Fannar-Larusson, K., Fletches, S. and Marissink, M. Statement to the Arctic Observing Summit on the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) Email 2019_038 1, 2, 5 PDF
Sudakov, I. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Modeling for investigation of permafrost disturbance in the Arctic Email 2019_039 1 & 4 PDF
Konoreva L.A., Chesnokov, S.V., Prokopiev I.A. and Poryadina, L.N. Lichens as one of the most important component of monitoring studies in terrestrial ecosystems of the Russian Arctic and Svalbard Email 2019_040 1 PDF
Andersen, H.S. Copernicus needs for Arctic In Situ data Email 2019_041 4 PDF
Cripe, D. and Jarvis, I. GEO and GEOGLAM: a Model for Arctic Observing Systems Cooperation White paper Email 2019_042 1 & 5 PDF
Danielsen, F., Enomoto, H., Enghoff, M., Holm, L.K., Lee, O., Nuttall, M. and Otsuka, N. Capacity development to promote collaborative natural resource management and community-based monitoring in the Arctic Email 2019_043 1 PDF
Enghoff, M., Vronski, N., Shadrin, V., Sulyandziga, R. and Danielsen, F. Community-based observing for action in Yakutia, Russia Email 2019_044 3 PDF
Straneo, F., Sutherland, D.A., Stearns, L., Catania, G., Heimbach, P., Moon, T., Cape, M.R., Laidre, K.L., Barber, D., Rysgaard, S., Mottram, R., Olsen, S., Hopwood, M.J. and Meire, L. The Case for a Sustained Greenland Ice Sheet-Ocean Observing System (GrIOOS) Email 2019_045 5 PDF
Planck, C. Advances in Autonomous Sea Ice Mass Balance Observation Email 2019_046 1 & 4 PDF
Joseph, H., Loseto, L. and Larsen, J.R. SAON – Committee on Observations and Networks Summary Report of State of Readiness on Arctic Observations Email 2019_047 5 PDF
Poulsen, M.K., Iversen, L., Cheeseman, T., Damsgård, B., Davies, I., Jennings, I., Jørgensen, F., Meraldi, V., Mikkelsen, N.E., Sokolíčkova, Z., Sørensen, K., Tatarek., A., Wagner, P., Sandven, S. and Danielsen, F. Improving and expanding the environmental monitoring efforts of expedition cruise ships in the Arctic Email 2019_048 2 PDF
Starkweather., S., Larsen, J.R., Kruemmel, E., Eicken, H., Arthurs, D., Biebow, N., Christensen, T., Delgado, R., Gambardella, A., Kallhok, S., Johannson, M., Jóhannsson, H., Kodama, Y. and Sandven, S. Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (ROADS) Email 2019_049 1 PDF
Starkweather, S., Cananico, G., McCammon, M., Smith, G., Lee, C., Fuglestad, J.L. Advancing an Arctic Regional Component of the Global Ocean Observing System under SAON, the GOOS Regional Alliance and the UN Decade for Ocean Science Email 2019_050 1 & 5 PDF
Danielsen, F., Akearok, J., Lyberth, B., Tengö, M. and Enghoff, M. Towards the increased use of local knowledge in international management bodies' advisory services Email 2019_051 2 PDF
Johnson, N., Danielsen, F., Lee, O., Fidel, M., Poulsen, M.K., Eicken, H. and Iversen, L. Design, Optimization and Implementation of Community-Based Monitoring Programs in the Arctic Email 2019_052 1 PDF
Duncan, B.N. and Ott, L.E. Space‐Based Observations for Understanding Changes in the Arctic‐Boreal Zone Email 2019_053 1 PDF
Gilmour, J. Monitoring and Surveillance Systems in the Canadian Arctic Email 2019_054 1 & 2 PDF
Heath, J.P. THE ARCTIC EIDER SOCIETY: SIKU and the Hudson Bay Consortium - Indigenous-driven solutions for thriving communities. Email 2019_055 3 PDF


Author(s) Title ID Sub-Theme(s) Abstract
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Presentation videos from AOS 2020 are available to watch via the IASC YouTube channel.

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