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AOS 2022 Statement on Ukraine

The members of the AOS 2022 Executive Organizing Committee have released a statement on Ukraine.

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Thanks for Attending #AOS2022

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AOS 2022 Conference Statement

The AOS 2022 Conference Statement is now available to read.

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Arctic Observing Summit

The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) is a biennial summit that aims to provide guidance based on the best available knowledge for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems.

The AOS provides a platform to foster international communication and the widespread coordination of long-term observations aimed at improving understanding and responding to system-scale Arctic change. It is an international forum for optimizing resource allocation through coordination and exchange among all involved or interested in long-term observing activities, while minimizing duplication and gaps.

The AOS 2022 will be held from 30 March - 1 April 2022 (Tromsø, Norway) as part of Arctic Science Summit Week 2022. AOS 2022 focuses on how sustained observations can contribute to well-being across a range of scales and better understanding of rapid Arctic change to build resilience and inform policy and decision-making from the community level to the global scale. 
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AOS 2022 Conference Statement

The AOS 2022 Conference Statement is now available to read.

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AOS session at AGU 2022

We invite abstract submissions to our AOS-themed session 'C002 – Advances in Arctic Observing and Data Systems' at the AGU 2022 Fall Meeting in Chicago (Dec. 12–16). Abstract Deadline: Aug. 3, 2022.

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Thanks for attending #AOS2022

Thank you to the Executive Committee, Local Organizing Committee, Working Group Co-Chairs, Early Career Co-Chairs, & all of our participants & partners for another successful #ArcticObservingSummit. See you in 2024! In the meantime, please subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you receive all AOS-related updates.

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AOS 2022 Statement on Ukraine

The Arctic Observing Summit has been held biennially since 2013. It fosters international communication, and coordination of observing efforts in the Arctic for the benefit of humanity and to support adaptation and mitigation in the face of the rapid climate and environmental challenges underway. The Summit builds on the recognition of shared benefits that cooperation and collaboration across disciplines, peoples and countries can provide. To truly succeed in this effort, all Arctic nations and peoples must cooperate.

In its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the Russian government has violated international laws and norms, and pushed their nation into isolation. Scientific ties are being severed in consequence of the war. Partnerships and international efforts are on hold. We, the organizing committee of the Arctic Observing Summit, condemn this invasion and stand with the people of Ukraine. We also acknowledge the danger our Russian colleagues face who are speaking out against the war. We call on the Russian government to cease military action against Ukraine and withdraw. Scientific cooperation among the Arctic countries has been long standing and of mutual benefit. Moreover, science remains an important means of diplomacy and we urge a return to peaceful conditions.

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