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AOS 2013

Arctic Observing Summit 2013

Dates: April 30 – May 22013
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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Downtown Vancouver, with the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the distance. Photo by Lee Robinson on Unsplash.

Summit Information



  • Theme 1: The status of the current observing system including goals, objectives, capabilities, challenges, and sustainability
  • Theme 2: Observing system design and coordination (including inter-operability, integration and implementation)
  • Theme 3: Stakeholder perspectives on observing system design and integration
  • Theme 4: Mechanisms for coordination of support, implementation and operation of a sustained and relevant Arctic observing system

Summit Products

Synthesis documents
white papers & Short statements

Synthesis documents

Prior to and during AOS 2013, Working Groups reviewed and discussed community input that was received in the form of white papers and short statements and prepared recommendations. Some of the synthesis documents that were prepared by members of the Working Groups can be downloaded below:

White Papers & Short Statements

Author(s) Title Download
Anderson, P., Andreas, E., Brooks, I., Persson, O., Renfrew, I. and Storvold, R. The Need to Develop Semi-disposable Surface Flux Stations for Polar Sea-ice Studies PDF
Brigham, L. W. The SAON Initiative: Critical Linkages to Arctic Marine Safety and Environmental Protection PDF
Callaghan, T., Gill, M., Hik, D., Murray, M. Schlosser, P. Shaver, G., and Svoboda, M. Arctic Biodiversity Coalition PDF
Friesen, T. M., Murray, M., Blankholm, H. P., Grønnow, B., and Kleinschmidt Knudsen, P. Observing Needs for Arctic Heritage and Paleoecological Resource Conservation Management PDF
Joseph, H. and Beaulieu, J.-M. A Path Forward for SAON Canada PDF
LaRue, M. A., Morin, P. and Pundsack, J. Integrating high-resolution satellite imagery into the Arctic Observing Network through the Polar Geospatial Center PDF
Morrison, J., Bonin, J., Chambers, D., Peralta-Ferriz, C., Johannessen, J., Joughin, I., Kwok, R., Landerer, F., Moritz, D., Rigor, I., Nilsen, F., Pavlov, V., Schweiger, A., Skogseth, R., Smith, B., Steele, M. and Wahr, J. Vision for an Arctic Mass Change Program PDF
Murray, M. S., Loring, P. A., Ferren, H. and Fedderer, R. Citizen Science and Arctic Observing: Using the Internet and Simple Technologies to Improve Understanding of Arctic Ecosystem Change PDF
NGMP Secretariat Nunavut General Monitoring Plan PDF
Petrov, A. N., Southcott, C., Simpson, B., and Cavin, P. Developing Inuvialuit Baseline Indicators System for (Self)Monitoring Community Well-Being and Impacts of Resource Development PDF
Proshutinsky, A., Toole, J., Krishfield, R., Plueddemann, A., Pickart, R., Ashijan, C., Timmermans, M.-L., Perovick, D., Richer-Menge, J., Stanton, T., Matrai, P., Lee, C., Morison, J., Steele, M. and Rigor, I. Toward Improved Observing of the Rapidly Changing Arctic Ocean PDF
Tweedie, C. and Callaghan, T. V. Rediscovering and resampling historic research sites and information to extend the time series of environmental observations in the Arctic PDF
Tweedie, C., Dunton, K. and McClelland, J. The Need for Flagship Arctic Coastal Observatories PDF
Alessa, L., Kliskey, A., Myers, M., Veazey, P., Gray, S., Puniwai, N., Shanahan, E., Jencso, K., Galindo, E., Gosz, J., Anderson, J. and Smith, A. Community Based Observing Networks (CBONs) for Arctic Adaptation and Security PDF
Atakan, K.A., Bjerrum, L.W., Bungum, H., Dehls, J., Kaynia, A.M., Keers, H., Kierulf, H.P., Kværna, T., Maupin, V., Langeland, T., Lindholm, C., Ottemöller, L., Sørensen, M., and Yuen, M.Y. European Plate Observing Sysytem and the Arctic PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Barber, D.A., Polykov, I., Fortier, L., Zhao, J., Rysgaard, S., and Gascard, J-C. The International Arctic Ocean Drift Study – Arctic ODS PDF
Berkman, P.A. Institutional Dimensions of Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) PDF (original submission), PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
CARMA Network (CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network) CARMA's Knowledge to Action Plan PDF (original submmision), PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Carter, P.D. An ‘Apollo-Manhattan’ Arctic Surveillance Mission PDF
Eicken, H., Lee, O., Kling, G, Lee, C., Wiggins, H., and the SEARCH Science Steering Committee Dual-purpose Arctic observing networks: Lessons from SEARCH on frameworks for prioritization and coordination PDF (original submission), PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Ellis-Evans, C., Holmén, K., Huber, R., Vitale, V., and Børre Ørbæk, J. The Svalbard Integrated Earth Observing System (SIOS): A Regional Initiative to Build Observing Capacity for an Arctic Observing System PDF
Eyre, J., Andersson, E., Charpentier, E., Dibbern, J., Lafeuille, J., Ondras, M., and Riishojhaard, L.P. WMO CBS Activities Relevant to Observations in the Arctic. PDF
Fairall, C., Cummings, J., Jung, T., Gordon, N., Bauer, P., Bromwich, D., Smith, G., Doblas-Reyes, F., Hines, K., Holland, M., Iversen, T., Klebe, S., Lemke, P., Mills, B., Nurmi, P., Renfrew, I., Svensson, G., and Tolstykh, M. Observational Aspects of the WWRP Polar Prediction Project PDF (revised)
Fischer, A. An Arctic Ocean Observing System as a part of a Global Framework for Ocean Observing PDF
Forest, A., Lalande, C., Hwang, J., Sampei, M., and Berge, J. Bio-mooring Arrays and Long-term Sediment Traps: Key Tools to Detect Change in the Biogeochemical and Ecological Functioning of Arctic Marine Ecosystems PDF (revised)
Goedkoop, W., Culp, J.M., Lento, J., Christoffersen, K.S., Frenzel, S.,Gu›bergsson, G., Liljaniemi, P., Sandøy, S., and Svoboda, M. Biodiversity of Arctic Freshwaters: Developing the CAFF – CBMP Integrated Monitoring Plan PDF
Henry, G., Hollister, R., Jónsdóttir, I.S., Klanderlud, K., Molau, U., Oberbauer, S., Webber, P., and Wookey. P. The International Tundra Experiment: An Arctic Monitoring Network PDF (revised)
Hoffman, F. M., Kumar, J., Wullschleger, S. D., Hinzman, L. D., and Schuur, E. A. G. A Model-Inspired Sampling Network Design and Representativeness Methodology for the Arctic PDF
Jakobsson, M., Mayer, L., and Monahan, D. Arctic Ocean Bathymetry: A Required Geospatial Framework PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Johnson, N., Alessa, L., Behe, C., Danielsen, F., Gearheard, S., Gofman-Wallingford, V., Kliskey, A., Krümmel, E. M., Lynch, A., Mustonen, T., Pulsifer, P., and Svoboda, M. The Contributions of Community-Based Monitoring and Traditional Knowledge to Arctic Observing Networks: Reflections on the State of the Field PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Juniper, S. K., McLean, S., Pirenne, B., and Moran, K. Community-based Mini-observatories for Arctic Ocean Science and Outreach PDF
Kaminski, T., and Kauker, F. A Prototype of a Modelling System Assisting the Design of the Arctic Observing Network PDF
Keskitalo, C., Müller, D., Bergh, K., Kinell, G., Söderqvist, T., and Sörlin. S. Stakeholder Integration: A Response to a Suggested Focus on Arctic Residents and Monitoring. PDF
Key, J., Goodison, B., Schöner, W., Ondras, M., and Godøy, O. A Global Cryosphere Watch PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Kim, B-K., Kim, J-H., Hwang, P., Ha, H.K., Yang, E-J., Kang, S-H., Park, S-J., Kim, S-J., Lee, S-H., Kim,T-W., Kim,S-W., Shin, H-C-., and Lee, H-J. Comprehensive Observational Study in the Seasonal Ice Zone: Role of Air-sea Interaction for Arctic Amplification. PDF
Kim. Y. Latitudinal Distributions of Soil CO2 Efflux and Temperature along the Dalton Highway, Alaska PDF
Knopp, J., Pokiak, F., Gillman, V., Porta, L., and Amos, V. Inuvialuit Settlement Region Community-Based Monitoring Program (ISR-CBMP): Community-Driven Monitoring of Locally Important Natural Resources. PDF
Kutz, S., Checkley, S., Simard, M., Soos, C., Black, S. and Duignan, P. The Need for a Sustainable Arctic Wildlife Health Observation Network. PDF
Larsen, J. R. Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) PDF
Lee, C., Eicken, H. and Jakobsson, M. The Arctic Observing Summit 2013 PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Manley, W. F., Gaylord, A. G., Kassin, A., Cody, R., Copenhaver, W. A., Dover, M., Escarzaga, S. M., Font, R., Garcia, A. E., Haberman, T., Lin, D. H., Score, R., Villarreal, S., and Tweedie, C. E. The U.S. Arctic Observing Viewer: A Web-Mapping Application for Enhancing Environmental Observation of the Changing Arctic PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Masutani, M., Garand, L., Lahoz, W., Andersson, E., Rochon, Y., Riishøjgaard, L. P., Tsyrulnikov, M., McConnell, J., Cucurull, L., Xie, Y., Ishii, S., Grumbine, R., Brunet, G., Woollen, J. S., and Sato, Y. Observing System Simulation Experiments: Justifying new Arctic Observation Capabilities PDF
McCammon, M. Developing and Arctic Observing System for Alaska: A Conceptual Design PDF
McClelland, J. W., Tank, S. E., Spencer, R. G. M., and Shiklomanov, A. I. Coordination and sustainability of river observing activities in the Arctic. PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
McLennan, D. A. Potential Role for CHARS in Leading Development of the Canadian Arctic Monitoring and Prediction Network (CAMPNet) PDF
Mikhalevsky, P. M., Sagen, H., Worcester, P. F., Baggeroer, A. B., Orcutt, J., Moore, S. E., Lee, C. M., Vigness-Raposa, K. J., Freitag, L., Arrott, M., Atakan, K., Beszczynska-Möller, A., Duda, T. F., Dushaw, B. D., Gascard, J.-C., Gavrilov, A. N., Keers, H., Morozov, A. K., Munk, W. H., Rixen, M., Sandven, S., Skarsoulis, E., Stafford, K. M., Vernon, F., and Yuen, M. Y. Multipurpose Acoustic Networks in the Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System. PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Milner, A., Jacobsen, D., and Hannah, D. GLACier-fed rivers, HYDRoECOlogy and climate change; NETwork of monitoring sites (GLAC-HYDRECO-NET) PDF
Moore, J. A., McCammon, M., and Bochenek, R. Data Management Perspective for an International Arctic Observing Network: Preserving the Legacy—Promoting Exchange PDF
Orcutt, J. A. Vernon, F. L., Arrott, M. A Cabled Arctic Observatory: A practical, long-term approach to open data in the Arctic PDF
Persson, O., Shupe, M., Dethloff, K., Tjernström, M. Understanding Coupled Climate and Weather Processes over the Arctic Ocean: The Needs and Plans for Multi-Disciplinary Coordinated Observations on a Drifting Observatory PDF
Proshutinsky, A., Krishfield, R., Toole, J., Timmermans, M.-L., Williams, W., Carmack, E., McLaughlin, F., Shimada, K. Status of the Beaufort Gyre Observing System (BGOS, 2003-2013): goals, objectives, capabilities, challenges and sustainability PDF
Pulsifer, P. L., Yarmey, L., Godøy, Ø., Friddell, J., Vincent, W. F., DeBruin, T., Parsons, M. A. Data Management for Arctic Observing PDF
Russell, D. E., Gunn, A., and White, R. G. CircumArctic Collaboration to Monitor Caribou and Wild Reindeer PDF (Arctic Special Issue)
Sambrotto, R., Richter-Menge, J., Boyd, T. Ocean and Ice Observations from Submarines in the Arctic PDF
Sandven, D., Pedersen, L. T., Kern, S., Heygster, G., Rinne, E., Mäkynen, M., Giles, K., Wadhams, P., Kaleschke, L., Lavergne, T., Tonboe, R. , Saldo, R., Skourup, H., Ivanova, N., Notz , D., and Ardhuin, F. Sea ice observing systems for Arctic science climate monitoring PDF
Scambos, T., Behar, A., Ross, R., and Stroeve, J. New Pathfinder Technology for Ice – Ocean System Monitoring PDF
Starkweather, S., Walden, V., Uttal, T., Drummond, J., Key, J., Kay, J., Vihma, T., Skov, H., Burkhart, J. Advancing Arctic Atmospheric Science through Developing Collaborative Targets for International Observatories PDF
Stow, J., Shearer, R., Hung, H., Steffen, S., Harner, T., Braune, B., Curren, M. Transboundary pollution in a changing Arctic PDF
Tannerfeldt, M., Biebow, N., Lochte, K., and Dahlbäck, B. Arctic Research Icebreaker Cooperation towards ARICE and beyond: A strategy for meeting the needs for marine research in the Arctic PDF
Toole, J., Krishfield, R., Proshutinsky, A., Laney, S., and Timmermans, M.-L. Observing the Evolving Central Arctic Ocean with Ice-Tethered Profilers (2004-2013): goals, objectives, capabilities, challenges and sustainability PDF
Wensing, E. J. Observing Adaptation Strategies of Arctic Communities to Climate Change: A View from Applied Psychology PDF
Young, K., Chatwood, S., and Bjerregaard, P. Observing the Changing Health of Circumpolar Peoples PDF (Arctic Special Issue)


Several presentations and group sessions from each of the three days of AOS 2013 were recorded:

Arctic Special Issue

A special issue of the journal Arctic was produced from a subset of peer-reviewed white papers from this AOS. These articles are open access.  
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