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Arctic Observing Summit 2024

Dates: March 27 – 292024
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
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Edinburgh, with Edinburgh Castle atop Castle Rock in the distance. Photo by Natalie Parham on Unsplash.

Summit Information

working groups


Based on recommendations and priorities identified during the 2022 Summit, AOS 2024 will focus on the following thematic areas, each supported by a Working Group:

  • Sub-Theme 1: Regional to Global Observing
  • Sub-Theme 2: Data Sharing
  • Sub-Theme 3: System Implementation/SAON ROADS
  • Sub-Theme 4: Observing System Benefits

Working Groups

Much of the Summit is organized around the outcomes of prior events, and the pre-Summit discussions and activities of AOS Working Groups. Based on recommendations and priorities identified during the 2022 Summit, AOS 2024 will focus on four thematic areas, each supported by a Working Group.

More information about each working group, including a description, and working group leads and co-leads will be provided shortly.

Working Group 1: Regional to Global Observing

Working Group 2: Data Sharing

Working Group 3: System Implementation/SAON ROADS

Working Group 4: Observing System Benefits


All poster presenters are encouraged to submit a PDF of their poster to the AOS at no later than March 25, 2024 to go on the AOS website.


  • Posters should be A0 and upright/portrait.
  • 841 mm wide × 1189 mm high (or 33.1 × 46.8 in).
  • Posters will be attached to the poster boards with stick-on velcro patches provided by the venue.

In-Person Poster Session

  • The poster session during AOS will be 4:30 – 6:00 pm on Wednesday, March 25.
  • There will be a reception with drinks and light refreshments during the poster session.
  • Posters can be hung at the venue throughout the AOS, beginning the morning of Wednesday, March 25.
  • Posters must be taken down prior to lunch on Friday, March 29.

Summit Products

Short statements

Short Statements

Author(s) Title Sub-theme Download
Green, H.L., Shutler, J.D., Land, P.E., Bellerby, R., and Findlay, H.S. Observation and data processing needs to fully utilise Earth Observation for monitoring carbonate chemistry in the Arctic Ocean WG1 PDF
Katic, P., Po, J., Sohns, A., Hickey, G., Pesantes, M.A., Bazan, M., Atamain Guifin, J.L., and Mutter, E. Indigenous arts-based approaches to promote just water futures and wellbeing in the Arctic WG1 PDF
Overland, J. Measuring the tropospheric polar vortex WG1 PDF
Suman, S. Geopolitics of law of sea and Blue Justice: comparative study of the Arctic and the Antarctic WG1 PDF
Ziaja, W. Coastal landscape transformation as a factor changing High Arctic geography WG1 PDF
Broderson, D., Byam, J., Greer, A., Guernsey, L., Raymond, V., and Kalke, T. Observations of energy infrastructure and operationalizing CARE WG2 PDF
Rokaya, P. Translating Arctic hydrology research into practice WG3 PDF
Desmarais, A., Forest, A., Merzouk, A., Dhifallah, F., Ratsimbazafy, T., and Rochefort, V. Amundsen Science: an integrated management approach to optimize the use of Canada’s most versatile observing system at sea WG4 PDF
Garland, A., Xiao, M., Druckenmiller, M., Maio, C., Jones, B., Temte, J., Ferguson, C., Petrov, A., Ravens, T., Miller-Hooks, E., Garland, A., and Ferreira, C. Statement for 2023 Arctic Coasts Workshop: changes, impacts, and solutions - working towards a resilient future WG4 PDF
Glenn-Borade, R.T., and Hauser, D.D.W. Nunaaqqit Savaqatigivlugich: working with Alaska communities to observe the Arctic WG4 PDF
Manley, W., Jóhannsson, H., Joo, A., Mielniczuk, M., Larsen, J.R., Christoffersen, S., and members of the Polar Observing Assets Working Group Enabling discovery:
a new Registry of Polar Observing Networks (RoPON)
Miller-Hooks, E., Li, W., and Henke, M. Predicting future incident risk in Arctic maritime transit WG4 PDF
Ravelo, A., Haycock-Chavez, N., Brown, J., Johnson, N., Sheffield, B., Druckenmiller, M., Van Veen, M., Rattray, C., Garcia, H.-M., Divine, L., Harrison, E., Hauser, D., Nielsen, S.S., Frederiksen, P.O., Jakobsen, P., and Danielsen, F. Increasing the visibility of environmental observations and Indigenous Knowledge for local and regional use in the Arctic WG4 PDF
Starkweather, S., Raymond, L.V.L., Rudolf, M., Boniface, K., Erickson, K.S., Gartler, S., Manley, W., and Shapiro, H. Guiding observing network and data system development with societal impact approaches: a short statement calling for an Arctic community of practice WG4 PDF
Bradley, A., Starkweather, S., Johnson, N., Bitz, C., and Rudolf, M., with input from the RNA CoObs team and partners Substantive training in Indigenous history and engagement is a necessary step towards equity in Arctic Observing Other PDF
Nguyen, A.T., Schulz, K., Rudolf, M., Johnson, N., Bradley, A., Bitz, C., Wayner, H., Eicken, H., and Lescak, E. Equity in Arctic observing Other PDF
Rudolf, M., Bradley, A., Lescak, E., Eicken, H., and Nguyen, A.T. Evaluating equity in Arctic observing in practice Other PDF
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