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AOS 2016

Sustained Arctic Observations

Dates: March 15 – 182016
Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
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Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by Vincent Ledvina on Unsplash.

Conference Statement

The conference statement summarizes the main conclusions and calls to action from the summit.
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Summit Information

working groups
executive committee


Conference themes to support the overarching theme, Sustained Arctic Observations:

  • Theme 1: International and national strategies for sustained support of long-term Arctic observing
  • Theme 2: Technology and Innovation for sustained Arctic observations
  • Theme 3: Contributions of the Private Sector and Industry to sustained Arctic observations
  • Theme 4: Actor and Stakeholder engagement and needs in sustained Arctic observations
  • Theme 5: Arctic Observations in the Context of Global Observing Initiatives
  • Theme 6: Interfacing Indigenous Knowledge, Community-based Monitoring and Scientific Methods for sustained Arctic observations

Working Groups

Theme 1: International and national strategies for sustained support of long-term Arctic observing

A successful Arctic Observing System that will deliver significant and long-lived benefits for the Arctic environment and communities has to be based on a solid innovative design and implementation plan developed with active participation of relevant stakeholders and indigenous representatives. Such a system can only be built around a commitment to long-term support at national and international scales, by Arctic and non-Arctic nations, where the role of institutional (e.g. funding agencies, public administrations) and non-institutional (e.g. private sector) actors is clearly identified and coordinated. We invite discussion at AOS 2016 on sustained support and funding strategies that will enable the development of an integrated plan for Arctic observation. White papers may address questions such as: Which elements of an Arctic Observing System require sustained and stable support? How can research-oriented observations move to operational ones? How can non-institutional funds be secured? How to build a plan in which both national and international initiatives can efficiently share resources, which is supported by innovative funding mechanisms that deliver sustainability, integration and excellence?

Dr. Andrea Tilche (European Commission); Dr. Jeremy Mathis (NOAA)

Other Thematic Working Group full-term members
Dr. Brendan Kelly (Monterey Bay Aquarium; SEARCH, Study of Environmental Arctic Change); Renuka Badhe (European Polar Board); other contributions from representatives of international organizations and programs, Arctic Council working groups, funding agencies, and others.

Other supporting members (AOS Executive Organizing Committee)
Dr. Hajo Eicken; Dr. Jane Wolken; Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi; Dr. Larry Hinzman

Theme 2: Technology and Innovation for sustained Arctic observations

A modern pan-Arctic Observing System relies on technical innovation to achieve the appropriate spatial and temporal resolution. Key needs include improved interoperability and sensor development and the ability to generate accurate and continuous data records. These needs have already been discussed during previous Summits but further enhancement and discussion of the topic is needed. During the AOS 2016, topics for discussion include the utility of drones (UAVs, Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and their role in remotely sensing the atmosphere, operation across national borders, and exploration of the use of modern technology for community-based observations. Advances in other technologies that may support sustained Arctic observations (such as unmanned underwater vehicles, AUVs and unmanned surface vehicles, USVs) may also be discussed.

Cliff Sweatte (ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization, USA); Dr. Rune Storvold (NORUT, Norway)

Other Thematic Working Group full-term members
Alice Bradley (University of Colorado; APECS USA); other contributions from representatives of AMAP, SAON, and other groups (remote sensing, unmanned aircraft technology and applications, and others)

Other supporting members (AOS Executive Organizing Committee)
Dr. Olivia Lee; Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi; Dr. Jan René Larsen

Theme 3: Contributions of the Private Sector and Industry to sustained Arctic observations

Decreasing sea ice extent coupled with an increasing interest in natural resource development are driving increased private sector activity in the Arctic, including oil and gas, shipping, fishing, tourism, and mining - along with associated port and coastal infrastructure development. There is a need for better Arctic information to support safe, responsible and effective industry operations. This information could be provided by an Arctic observing system involving the research community, governments, and industry. In particular, there is a need and opportunity for industry data collection and sharing, e.g. in relation to the World Ocean Council program on "Smart Ocean-Smart Industries". This AOS 2016 theme will address the following questions: What information does industry need? What data does, and can, industry collect and share? What assets and resources can industry offer to help sustain Arctic observations by industry and others? What is the value proposition for industry? How can cooperation between industry and the research community be best coordinated? What are the impediments to cooperation?

Paul Holthus (World Ocean Council, USA); Dr. David Arthurs (Polar View Earth Observation Limited, Canadian Office)

Other Thematic Working Group full-term members
Elena Kuznetsova (APECS; IASC Fellow, Cryosphere Working Group); contributions from other members in the private sector (resources, shipping, energy, logistics, and communications)

Other supporting members (AOS Executive Organizing Committee)
Dr. Hajo Eicken; Dr. Olivia Lee; Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi

Theme 4: Actor and Stakeholder engagement and needs in sustained Arctic observations

Rapid Arctic change is impacting a range of stakeholders at regional and global scales. Arctic observing systems hence need to serve a dual function, providing critical information to actors and stakeholders (interested in or impacted by Arctic change, or interested in learning about change and taking action), and supporting scientific research. Such hybrid observing system approaches require the empowerment and involvement of actors and stakeholders at all stages of system design and operation, including capacity-building and taking action. The role of knowledge and observing needs is critical as an integral part and prerequisite of all of the stages. White papers that address capacity building or development of observing systems that can support community emergency response plans and adaptation are particularly encouraged. These may address different models of community engagement, and data and information transfer approaches meant to serve the knowledge needs for communities faced with threats from climate change, coastal erosion and other emergencies. Adaptation and long-range planning are critical components in community survival, especially when faced with short or long-term natural disasters or natural changes that are difficult to deal with. The long-term well-being and sustainability of Arctic communities and the resilience of the environment depend on dialogue and solutions-based approaches which pivot on strong partnerships, trust, respect and open communication.

Craig Fleener (Office of the Governor, Cabinet Office, Alaska); Dr. Martin Sommerkorn (WWF Global Arctic Program, Norway office)

Other Thematic Working Group full-term members
Malgorzata Smieszek (APECS; IASC Fellow, Social and Human Sciences Working Group); Dr. Peter Pulsifer (National Snow and Ice Data Center); Mary S. Stapleton (Arctic Cultural Gateway; Arctic Institute of North America); Sandy Starkweather (NOAA)

Other supporting members (AOS Executive Organizing Committee)
Dr. Olivia Lee; Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi; Dr. Maribeth Murray

Theme 5: Arctic Observations in the Context of Global Observing Initiatives

The Arctic is an integral part of the global system. Thus, observations conducted in the Arctic have to be synchronized with existing and emerging global observing systems such as the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS). During AOS 2016, this theme will include consideration of physical, natural, environmental, social, economic, and cultural relationships between Arctic and non-Arctic regions with special focus on the link of Arctic and global observations in the areas of sensor technologies, observing platforms, observation frequency and spatial resolution, and data repositories. In addition, as the Arctic is part of global feedbacks and linkages which in turn influence many facets of ecosystem health, Arctic economies and livelihoods, and community well-being, consideration and discussion of observing systems within and beyond the Arctic must include some tracking of ecosystem components, drivers and stressors related to these linkages.

Dr. Hiroyuki Enomoto (National Institute of Polar Research, Japan); Dr. Dominique Berod (GEO Secretariat, Switzerland)

Other Thematic Working Group full-term members
Emily Choy (APECS; IASC Fellow, Marine Working Group); Dr. Seong-Joong Kim (KOPRI); Joseph Nolan (GEO Secretariat); Dr. Thomas Jung (AWI)

Other supporting members (AOS Executive Organizing Committee)
Dr. Jane Wolken; Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi; Dr. Peter Schlosser

Theme 6: Interfacing Indigenous Knowledge, Community-based Monitoring and Scientific Methods for sustained Arctic observations

Indigenous and local knowledge play a key role in identifying the scope, interconnectedness and impacts of rapid Arctic environmental change. It is now broadly recognized that community-based observations and Indigenous Knowledge are important elements of scientific observing systems. Nevertheless, we are still lacking interfaces, methodologies and frameworks that allow for effective and culturally appropriate exchange and analysis of ideas, expertise and information between the environmental sciences and Indigenous Knowledge. AOS 2016 will review current best practices and explore different models of how to better utilize Indigenous Knowledge and community-based observations in Arctic observing systems. These efforts will inform specific next steps towards overarching efforts and demonstration projects that will be discussed and developed as part of the AOS 2016 process.

Raychelle Aluaq Daniel (Arctic Conservation Science Team, Pew Charitable Trusts); Lene Kielsen Holm (Greenland Climate Research Center, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources); Rodd Laing (Nunatsiavut Government)

Other Thematic Working Group full-term members
Robert Way (APECS; IASC Fellow, Cryosphere Working Group); Carolina Behe (ICC Alaska); Shari Gearheard (NSIDC); Julie Raymond-Yakoubian (Kawerak, Inc.); Lilian Alessa (IARC); Eduar Zdor (UAF); Dr. Lize-Marie van der Watt (Umea University); Lisa Loseto (Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada); Douglas Nakashima (UNESCO LINKS - Indigenous Knowledge Systems); with contributions from Marie Roué, CNRS, France; Dr. Else Grete Broderstad, Saami Institute; Gunn Britt Retter, Saami Council; Kelly Eningowuk, ICC Alaska; and others.

Other supporting members (AOS Executive Organizing Committee)
Dr. Eva Kruemmel; Dr. Jane Wolken; Dr. Gabriela Ibarguchi

Executive Committee


  • Hajo Eicken, International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  • Eva Kruemmel, Inuit Circumpolar Council, Canada
  • Peter Schlosser, International Study of Arctic Change and The Earth Institute, Columbia University, USA


  • Hiroyuki Enomoto, Arctic Environment Research Center, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan
  • Larry Hinzman, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  • Gabriela Ibarguchi, International Study of Arctic Change and Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Jan Rene Larsen, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, Norway
  • Maribeth Murray, International Study of Arctic Change and Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Volker Rachold, International Arctic Science Committee, Germany
  • Additional support from Olivia Lee and Jane Wolken, International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

Summit Products

final report
Synthesis documents
white papers & Short statements

Synthesis documents

Thematic Working Groups prepared synthesis documents based on community input including white papers and short statements, posters, comments during AOS sessions, and other expert input. These documents were updated at the end of the Summit and highlight recommendations, progress and gaps for the design and implementation of Arctic observing activities:

White Papers & Short Statements

Author(s) Title Contact Theme(s) Download
Moore, Sue E.; Grebmeier, Jacqueline M. The Distributed Biological Observatory: Linking Physics to Biology in the Pacific Arctic Region Email 1 & 5 PDF
Arnold, S.R.; Brock, C.A.; Law, K.S. Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate, Environment and Society (PACES) Email 1 PDF (revised)
Houssais, Marie-Noelle; Law, Kathy; Babin, Marcel; Rousseau, Denis-Didier French Arctic Initiative (Chantier Arctique): contribution to an Arctic Observing System Email (Denis-Didier Rousseau) 1 PDF (revised)
Biebow, Nicole; Willmott, Veronica; Rousseau, Denis-Didier; Quesada, Antonio; Schoener, Wolfgang The role of EU-PolarNet in sustaining Arctic Observations Email 1 PDF (revised)
Vlasova, Tatiana; Petrov, Andrey N.; Nymand Larsen, Joan; Volkov, Sergey; Khropov, Alexander; Lytkin, Ivan Monitoring Arctic Sustainability: International Experiences and Agenda to Develop Arctic Sustainability Indicators Email 1 PDF
Larsen, J.; Hinzman, L.; Kruemmel, E.; Loseto, L.; Mathis, J.; Olseng, C.; Pulsifer, P.; Rachold, V.; Reiersen, L. The Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON): Status Email 1 -
Rigor, Ignatius G.; Clemente-Colón, Pablo; Reinking, Curtis; Keith, David; Reams, Micki The International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP) – A Model for Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Email 1 PDF
Straneo, Fiamma; Heimbach, Patrick; Hamilton, Gordon; Sergienko, Olga Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Observing System Email 1 -
Shupe, Matthew Broad Coordination Needed to Address Atmospheric and Coupled-system Gaps in the Central Arctic Email 1 PDF (revised)
Danielson, S.; Hauri, C.; Hopcroft, R.; Lalande, C.; Janzen, C.; McCammon, M.; McDonnell, A.; Stafford, K.; Winsor, P.; Wisdom, S. A multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach to long-term and high-resolution Arctic marine monitoring Email 1 PDF
Christensen, Tom; Payne, John; Barry, Tom; Price, Courtney Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) Email 1 & 4 PDF
Fukasawa, Masao; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Saito, Sei-ichi; Kawano, Takeshi New Japanese Arctic Research Project “Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS)” Email (Hiroyuki Enomoto) 1 PDF
Qiu, Yubao; Savela, Hannele; Key, Jeffrey R.; Menenti, Massimo; Vitale, Vito; Cheng, Xiao; Friddell, Julie E.; Larsen, Jan René; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Guo, Xuejun; Sandven, Stein; She, Jun; Lappalainen, Hanna; Basanta, Raj; Su, Bob; Gabarró, Carolina; Li, Xin; Callaghan, Terry V.; Lawford, Richard; Bérod, Dominique D.; and the GEOCRI Group Statement on the GEO Cold Region Initiative (GEOCRI) Email 1 & 5 PDF (revised)
McCammon, Molly; Hinzman, Larry A Call for a Research Clearinghouse in Alaska Email 1 PDF
LeBlond, Paul H.; Ibarguchi, Gabriela Towards an international scientific observatory at the North Pole Email (Gabriela Ibarguchi) 1 & 5 PDF (revised)
Grabak, Ola; Arthurs, David; Flemming, Andrew Polaris: User Needs and High-Level Requirements for Next Generation Observing Systems for the Polar Regions Email 1 PDF
Baker, Betsy Designing a Regional Seas Arrangement for the Arctic Ocean: Legal, Scientific and Observational Support Email 1 & Other PDF
Forbes, Donald L.; Bell, Trevor; LeTissier, Martin; Petrov, Andrey; Pulsifer, Peter; Atkinson, David E.; Eerkes-Medrano, Laura; Nymand Larsen, Joan; Couture, Nicole; Kraev, Gleb; Marino, Elizabeth; Overduin, Paul; Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole; Riedlsperger, Rudy; Schweitzer, Peter; Vlasova, Tatiana; and Wilson, Katherine CACCON and Partner Knowledge Networks: Arctic Coastal Engagement Network of Future Earth Coasts Email 1, 5, 4 & 6 PDF
Morison, James; Wilkinson, Jeremy; Alkire, Matthew; Nilsen, Frank; Polyakov, Igor; Smethie, Willam Jr.; Schlosser, Peter; Vivier, Frederic; and Lourenco, Antonio North Pole as an Indicator of the Changing Arctic Ocean Email 1 PDF (revised)
Lee, Craig; Shupe, Matthew; Wilson, Cathy; Bennet, Mia; Hoy, Elizabeth; Kwok, Ron; Macrander, Michael; Nguyen, An T.; Payer, Davis; Schuur, Ted; Starkweather, Sandy; Stearns, Leigh; and Wiggins, Helen Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting Email 1 & 5 PDF
Rixen, Michel; and the Polar Challenge Committee The WCRP-FPA2 Polar Challenge: Expanding the capabilities of current Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Email 2 -
de Boer, Gijs; Cassano, John; Lawrence, Dale Micro-UAS as a tool for observing the Arctic Environment Email 2 PDF
Panteleev, Gleb; Yaremchuk, Max; Stroh, Jacob; Francis, Oceana; Posey, Pamela; and Herbert, David Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis and Observing System Simulation Experiments as a tool to analyze and optimize observations in the Email 2 & Other PDF
Hardesty, Jasper (Joe); Ivey, Mark; Dexheimer, Dari; Helsel, Fred; Lucero, Dan; de Boer, Gijs Opportunities for Sustained Arctic Observations and Scientific Collaborations at the US Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Facilities on the North Slope of Alaska Email 2 PDF (revised)
Masrur, Arif; Petrov, Andrey The Need for Data and Technology Integration to Observe Tundra Wildfires at Multiple Scales Email 2, 1 & 5 PDF (revised)
Knox, Hunter; Abbott, Robert; James, Stephanie; Lee, Rebekah; and Cole, Chris Permafrost Active Layer Seismic Interferometry Experiment (PALSIE) and Satellite Observations Email 2 PDF (revised)
Bradley, Alice C; Palo, Scott; LoDolce, Gabe; Weibel, Doug; Lawrence, Dale; Maslanik, James; Zappa, Chris Microbuoys for low-cost observation of the upper Arctic Ocean Email 2 PDF
Barry, Tom; Lárusson, Kári Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS) Email 2 & 1 PDF (revised)
Alessa, Lilian; Raymond, Vanessa; Cox, Sarah; Meceda, Ann; Linklater, Joe; Roddick, Stephen; Gamble, Jim; Beaujean, Grace; Abdelrahim, Sarah The Arctic Adaptation Exchange Portal: An Arctic Council Tool to Build a Knowledge System for Resilient Arctic Communities Email 2 & 4 PDF
Hendricks, Stefan; Haas, Christian; Gerland, Sebastian; Herber, Andreas; Krumpen, Thomas; Mahoney, Andrew; Eicken, Hajo; Gerdes, Rüdiger A Pan-Arctic Airborne Sea Ice Observation System Email 2 PDF (revised)
Jones, Joanne; Peterson, Perry Exploring the Arctic: Integrating Earth Observations on the WorldView Discrete Global Grid System Email (Perry Peterson) 2 & 1 PDF
Hutchings, Jennifer K.; Hughes, Nick; Orlich, Alice; McFarlane, Scott; Cowen, Alex; Farmer, Lauren; Faber, Megan Kate Ice Watch: Standardizing and expanding Arctic ship based sea ice observations Email 3, 2, 1 & 4 PDF (revised)
Eltoft, T.; Brekke, C.; Johnsen, H.; Storvold, R.; Gerland, S.; Dierking, W.; Pedersen, J. P. CIRFA – Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations, a new Centre for Research-based innovation hosted by UiT-the Arctic University of Norway Email 3 & 2 PDF
Hillmer-Pegram, K.; de la Barre, S.; Maher, P.; Dawson, J.; Huijbens, E.; Lamers, M.; Liggett, D.; Müller, D.; Pashkevich, A.; Stewart, E. Arctic Tourism Should be used as a Vehicle for Arctic Observing Systems Email 3 & 4 PDF (revised)
Tivy, Adrienne; Petrich, Chris Observations to support industry needs for sea ice information and predictions Email 3 & 4 PDF
Carven, Scott; Fode, Louise; Fish, Aimee; Heim, Becki; Tatusko, Renee NWS Alaska Region Observation Program Priorities and Expansion Email 4 PDF (revised)
Kilioni, Hina; Garland, Anne; Fischer, Kathleen; and Benoit, Liane What is an Arctic Risk Management (ARMNet) Network? Email (Anne Garland) 4 PDF (revised) and HERMYS brochure
Druckenmiller, Matthew; Francis, Jennifer; Huntington, Henry Communicating why sea ice matters: A focus of the SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team (SIAT) Email 4 PDF (revised)
Timm, Kristin; Hum, Rich; Druckenmiller, Matthew Using Communication Theory and Strategy to Develop Researcher-Stakeholder Relationships Email 4 -
Lovecraft, Amy L.; Meek, Chanda; Eicken, Hajo Data Portals as Institutional Bridges: Connecting Scientific Observations to Stakeholder Needs Email 4 PDF
Barry, Tom; Price, Courtney Actions for Biodiversity 2013-2021: implementing the recommendations of the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment Email 4, 1, 3, 5 & 6 PDF
Alessa, Lilian; Williams, Paula; Kliskey, Andrew; Beaujean, Grace; Ward, Heather; Ingott, Joni; and Ingott, Eddie Incorporating Community Based Observing Networks for Better Preparedness and Enhanced Responses to Marine Arctic Critical Events Email 4 & 6 PDF
Lazareva, Anisiia Ecological and Economic Aspects for the Sustainable Development of the Arctic Regions in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia Email 4 (reassigned), 1, 3 & Other PDF
Eicken, H.; Mahoney, A.; Jones, J.; Heinrichs, T.; Bader, H.; Broderson, D.; Statscewich, H.; Weingartner, T.; Ravens, T.; Ivey, M.; and Merten, A. The Potential Contribution of Sustained, Integrated Observations to Arctic Maritime Domain Awareness and Common Operational Picture Development in a Hybrid Research-Operational Setting Email 4 PDF (revised)
Armstrong, Thomas; Corell, Robert; Reiersen, Lars-Otto; and Fuglestad, Jon Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (AACA): The Transition from Science Assessments To a Science-Decision Making Process Founded Upon Sustained Observations and Sound Science Email 4 & 1 PDF (revised)
Crump, John; Alftan, Bjorn; Kurvits, Tiina; Patterson, Trista Many Strong Voices’ Portraits of Resilience: bringing personal stories to the attention of the general public and to decision-makers Email 4 & 1 PDF
Carson, Marcus; Sommerkorn, Martin Developing Indicators of Social-Ecological Resilience Email 4 & 6 PDF
Geitz, Miriam; Barry, Tom; Eamer, Joan; Hussain, Salman; Lucas, Thierry; Patterson, Trista; and Sommerkorn, Martin The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for the Arctic Scoping Study Email 4, 1 & 6 PDF (revised)
Krynicki, Adam Data to Decisions: The potential impact of Data Analysis to Alaskans Email 4, 6 & 2 PDF
Sharing Knowledge Workshop Participants (ELOKA) Indigenous Knowledge: Key Considerations for Arctic Research and Data Management Email (Peter Pulsifer) 4 & 6 PDF (revised)
Arp, Christopher D.; Alexeev, Vladimir A.; Jones, Benjamin M.; Martin, Philip A.; Liljedahl, Anna; Cai, Lei; Gaedeke, Anne; Hiemstra, Chris; Daanen, Ronnie; Whitman, Matthew; Nigro, Debora; Gaglioti, Ben; Adams, Jeff; Urban, Frank Scenarios of Arctic Climate and Land-use Change as a Unifying Framework for Integrating Long-term Monitoring with Interdisciplinary Research in a Focal Watershed Email (Vladimir Alexeev) 4 PDF
Lee, O. Contributions of animal-borne sensors to understanding broad-scale oceanographic-biological linkages Email 5 PDF (revised)
Kim, Seong-Joong; Lee, Yoo Kyung; Cho, Kyoung-Ho; Kim, Joo-Hong; Jung, Jinyoung; Kang, Sung-Ho; Kim, Baek-Min; Kim, Mincheol; Kim, So-Young; Sul La, Hyoung; Park, Jisoo; Park, Ki-Tae; Park, Sang-Jong; and Yang, Eunjin Arctic observation initiatives of Korea Polar Research Institute for monitoring and understanding Arctic climate change Email 5 & 1 PDF (revised)
Yabuki, Hironori; Sugimura, Takeshi; Terui, Takeshi; Enomoto, Hiroyuki Future development and challenges on Arctic Data archive System (ADS) Email 5 PDF
Bullard, Joanna; and Darlington, Eleanor Arctic Dust Observation Network Email 5 PDF
Matsuura, Yojiro; Noguchi, Kyotaro; Morishita, Tomoaki; Toriyama, Jumpei; Fujii, Kazumichi; Kajimoto, Takuya; Osawa, Akira Comparative long-term forest ecosystem study in circumpolar region Email 5 PDF (revised)
Vihma, Timo; Uttal, Taneil; Walden, Von; Cox, Christopher; Starkweather, Sandy; Makshtas, Alexander; and Key, Jeff Application of IASOA circumpolar observations in studies of atmospheric transports into and out of the Arctic for YOPP Email 5 PDF (revised)
Schöner, Wolfgang; Key, Jeffrey; Fierz, Charles; Goodison, Barry; Godøy, Øystein; Snorrason, Árni; Ondráš, Miroslav The Global Cryosphere Watch Surface Network in the Arctic and Beyond Email 5 PDF (revised)
Kodama, Yuji; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Yamanouchi, Takashi; Ohata, Tetsuo; Ikeda, Motoyoshi Introduction of “Long-term plan for Arctic Environmental Research” Email 5 PDF (revised)
Kodama, Yuji; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Yamanouchi, Takashi Sustainable seamless monitoring in the Arctic Email 5 PDF (revised)
AFoPS Secretariat Arctic Observation: Contribution from Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFoPS) Email (Hyoung Chul Shin) 5 PDF
Schuur, Edward A. G.; Schädel, Christina; McGuire, A. David Permafrost Action Team: Short statement for ASSW 2016 Email 5 & 2 PDF (revised)
Druckenmiller, Matthew; Pulsifer, Peter; Alessa, Lilian; Eerkes-Medrano, Laura; Lee, Olivia Advancing Arctic observing within the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) through a focus on Community-Based Monitoring Email 5, 1, 4 & 6 PDF (revised)
McCammon, Molly; Janzen, Carol; and Bochenek, Rob A Brief Introduction to the Alaska Ocean Observing System: A Presence in the Arctic (AOOS) Email 5 & 1 PDF
Goessling, Helge; Jung, Thomas; Klebe, Stefanie; Gordon, Neil; Bauer, Peter; Bradley, Alice; Bromwich, David; Casati, Barbara; Chen, Peter; Chevallier, Matthieu; Day, Jonathan; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco; Fairall, Christopher; Holland, Marika; Inoue, Jun; Iversen, Trond; Liggett, Daniela; Ljubicic, Gita; Massonnet, François; Makshtas, Aleksander; Mills, Brian; Nurmi, Pertti; Perovich, Donald; Reid, Phillip; Renfrew, Ian; Smith, Gregory; Stewart, Emma; Svensson, Gunilla; Tolstykh, Mikhail; and Yang, Qinghua The Year of Polar Prediction Email 5 PDF (revised)
McLennan, Donald S.; Meidinger, Del; and MacKenzie, Will The Arctic Vegetation Archive as the basis for a Canadian arctic terrestrial ecosystem classification: Application to establishing arctic terrestrial ecosystem monitoring Email 5 & Other PDF
Lee, Allison; Davis, Rowena; Gurney, Robert; Key, Erica; Oakley, Kim Research Data for a Changing World Email 5 & 4 PDF
Barnhardt, R. Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Cross-Cultural Research Email 6 PDF (revised)
Bronen, Robin Community-based social-ecological monitoring and assessment to foster human rights protections and community resilience in Alaska Email 6 PDF
Johnson, Noor; Danielsen, Finn; Krümmel, Eva; Pulsifer, Peter Community-Based Monitoring in a Changing Arctic: A Review for the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Email 6 -
Yamanaka, Yoshiko; Cook, R. Douglas Socially Responsible Research Model for the Arctic: Reflections on Collaboration with Indigenous communities Email 6 -
Williams, Paula; Trammel, Jamie E.; Witmer, Frank; Venema, Rieken; Kliskey, Andy; Beaujean, Grace; and Alessa, Lilian Understanding observations of selected environmental changes in communities surrounding the Bering Sea Email 6 PDF (revised)
Panda, Santosh K.; Kholodov, Alexander; Dubay, Charlene; Hanson, Teresa Engaging rural communities in permafrost and climate monitoring in the Upper Kuskokwim region, interior Alaska Email 6 PDF (revised)
Maynard, Nancy G. Arctic Indigenous Observing Strategies Email 6 PDF
Snow, Kathleen; O’Hara, Shannon; Esagok, Dougie; Ostertag, Sonja; and Loseto, Lisa Our Beluga, Fish and Environment are Changing: Traditional Knowledge study on food resources on Kendall Island in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Email 6 PDF (revised)
Magdanz, James S. A Fish Camp Approach to Survey Research Email 6 PDF
Ostertag, Sonja; Pokiak, Deva Lynn; Ruben, Diane; Snow, Kathleen; Loseto, Lisa Enhancing monitoring of beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in the western Canadian Arctic through the development of local ecological indicators Email 6 PDF
Skean, Vanessa; Markon, Carl Proposed Process for Use of Western Science, Citizen-Based Monitoring, and Traditional Knowledge in Ecosystem Models Email 6 PDF
Raymond-Yakoubian, Julie; Behe, Carolina; Daniel, Raychelle; Moss-Davies, Pitseolalaq Briefing Note On Traditional Knowledge Sources From The Internet Email 6 PDF (revised)
Druckenmiller, Matthew; Keane, Brian; Bronen, Robin; McCann, Heidi Identifying the need for a co-produced monitoring and evaluation framework for Arctic observing programs partnering with indigenous communities Email 6 -
Roue, Marie; Roturier, Samuel; Lavrillier, Alexandra; Gabyshev, S.; Nakashima, Douglas Coproduction of Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge as a response to Global Change in the Arctic Email 6 -
Hayashi, Naotaka Witnessing 100 years of the sub-Arctic region's climatic variability: sheep farming in southern Greenland Email 6, 4 & Other PDF (revised)
Benedict, Sam BASEL III Compliance Email Other & 2 PDF


Author(s) Title ID Theme(s) Download
*Daghir, Lucy; McConnell, Martha; and Hicks, Mike Understanding the Increase in Tabular Iceberg Sightings in the North Atlantic and the Implications for Shipping Activities T1-1 1 PDF
*Peace, Taylor E. and McConnell, Martha C. Capital Investments versus Present and Planned Infrastructures in the Arctic T1-2 1, Other PDF
*Beamish, Alison; Doyle, Marlene; Ibarguchi, Gabriela; Fossa, Anna Maria; Hik, David; Henry, Greg; Svala, Ingibjörg; Barrio, Isabel; Stewart Laerke; Aronsson, Mora; Wookey, Philip; Elmendorf, Sarah; Heidmarsoon, Starri; Taylor, Jason; Ravolainen, Virve; Razzhivin, Vladimir Integrating and coordinating Arctic vegetation monitoring: CBMP Vegetation Expert Network Initiatives T1-3 1 PDF
*Francis, Emily T.; Petrov, Andrey N.; Kolpashchikov, Leonid A.; Madsen, Michael; and Kochkarev, Pavel Analyzing winter migration of wild Taimyr reindeer using historical census data and satellite telemetry T1-4 1 PDF
*Arnold, Steve; Brock, Chuck and Law, Kathy Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate, Environment and Society (PACES) T1-5 1, 2, 5, 6 PDF
*Sokolov, Vladimir Scientific Stationary "Ice Base Cape Baranov "- a new member of the Arctic observatories network T1-6 1 PDF
*Grabiec, Mariusz; Migała, Krzysztof; and Members of the Polish Snow Research Program on Svalbard Polish Snow Research Program on Svalbard T1-7 1, 5 PDF
*Goetz, Scott; Miller, Charles; Griffith, Peter; Kasischke, Eric; Larson, Elisabeth; Hoy, Elizabeth; Hodkinson, Dan; Hibbard, Kathy; and Margolis, Hank The Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) T1-8 1, 4, 5 PDF
*Sheffield, Guy L.; on behalf of the 13-member AOOSM Organizing Committee The 2015 Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting (AOOSM) – Community achievements, goals, and advancements toward a thriving, collaborative network of Arctic observations T1-9 1 PDF
*Bourdages, Line; Buch, Erik and Fischer, Albert. Toward an Arctic component of the Global Ocean Observing System T1-10 1, 5 PDF
*Jawak, S.D.; Luis, A.J. Multispectral satellite imageries and in-situ spectra for mapping cryospheric surfaces in Ny-Ålesund and environ, Svalbard. T2-1 2, 5 PDF
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*Bradley, Alice; Palo, Scott; LoDolce, Gabe; Weibel, Doug; Lawrence, Dale; Maslanik, Jim Microbuoys in Arctic Sensing: novel instruments for low-cost and low-impact observing of the upper ocean T2-3 2 PDF
*Hiemstra, Christopher; Gelvin, Arthur; Newman, Stephen; Douglas, Thomas; Bjella, Kevin; and Wagner, Anna LiDAR Detection of Permafrost Change T2-4 2 PDF
*Wagner, Anna; Hiemstra, Christopher; Sturm, Matthew; and Parr, Charles Improving snow observations using snow patterns and smaller manned aircrafts or UAVs T2-5 2 PDF
*Douglas, Thomas; Bjella, Kevin; Wagner, Anna; and Hiemstra, Christopher The CRREL Permafrost Experimental Station at Farmer’s Loop: 60 years of permafrost geotechnical and geomorphological investigations T2-6 2, 5 PDF
*Søreide, Janne; Gradinger Rolf, Niehoff Barbara, Ilka Peeken, Bluhm Bodil, Gabrielsen Tove, Johnsen Geir and Berge Jørgen Arctic Ocean winter ecology – the big black box! T2-7 2, 5 PDF
*Clark, Casey T.; Horstmann, Lara A.; Misarti, Nicole Using the Past to Inform the Future: Investigating Pacific Walrus Foraging Across 2,500 Years T2-8 2, 5, 6, Other PDF
*Lewkowicz, Antoni Incorporating geophysics into long-term permafrost monitoring T2-9 2 PDF
*Kinsman, Nicole; and Overbeck, Jacquelyn Which comes first in the U.S. Arctic – the tidal datum or the shoreline position? T2-10 2 PDF
*Kaleschke, Lars; Tian-Kunze, Xiangshan; Maaß Nina; Wernecke, Andreas; Hendricks, Stefan; Ricker, Robert; Tonboe, Rasmus; Mäkynen, Marko; Heygster, Georg; Bertino, Laurent; Xie, Jiping; Drusch, Matthias Sea ice thickness retrieval from SMOS and CryoSat-2: validation and application T2-11 2, 5 PDF
*de Boer, Gijs; Cassano, John, Lawrence, Dale Micro-UAS as a tool for observing the Arctic Environment T2-12 2 PDF
*Kudrjashov, Vladimir A. Estimation and Modeling of Heavy Metal Accumulation Observation Results in the Arctic Ecosystems T2-13 2 PDF
*Hendricks, S.; Haas, C.; Gerland, S.; Herber, A; Krumpen, T.; Mahoney, A.; Eicken, H. and Gerdes, R. A Pan-Arctic Airborne Sea Ice Observation System T2-14 2 PDF
*Gabarro, Carolina; Olmedo, E. ; Turiel, A. Salinity for cold waters T2-15 2, 5 PDF
*Medvedev, Andrey; Alexeenko, Natalia The development of a multi-scale spatial database on the pollution of the Russian Arctic T2-16 2, 5 PDF
Murray, Maribeth; *Vossepoel, Shannon The Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability (CCADI) T2-17 2 PDF
Provost, Christine; Pelon, Jacques; Sennechael, Nathalie; Koenig, Zoé; Mariage, Vincent; Villacieros-Robineau, Nicolas; and *Thomas, Jennie L. First results from IAOOS ocean-ice-snow-atmosphere integrated observing project T2-18 2, 1 PDF
*Plumb, Edward; Johnson, Crane Using an Iridium Satellite Telemetered Gage (iGage) for Hydrologic, Snowfall, and Coastal Storm Surge Measurements to Support Forecast Operations in Alaska T2-19 2 PDF
Mikheev, Valeriy; Smyshlyaev, Sergey; Dikinis, Aleksandr; *Kuzmin, Vadim and Rozanova, Marya Developing and implementing an automated information system of monitoring and forecasting the atmospheric chemical composition of the Arctic zone T2-20 2 PDF
*Knox, Hunter; Abbott, Robert; James, Stephanie; Lee, Rebekah; and Cole, Chris Permafrost Active Layer Seismic Interferometry Experiment (PALSIE) and Satellite Observations T2-21 2, 5 PDF
*Stinchcomb, Taylor R.; and Brinkman, Todd J. Quantifying aircraft noise in caribou harvest areas for the community of Nuiqsut using a soundscape ecology approach T2-22 2, 6 PDF
*Cenek, Martin; Mobley, Michael; Devins, Matthew; and Rodriguez, David Neuromorphic, Low Cost, Wireless Sensor Networks for Arctic Monitoring T2-23 2 PDF
*Suprenand, P.M.; and Hoover, C. Ecosystem model of the entire Beaufort Sea marine ecosystem: a spatial and temporal tool for assessing food-web structure and marine mammal changes from 1970 to 2014 T2-24 2, 4, 6 PDF
Forsberg, René; *Gabbert, Rose; Beale, James; and Holmes, Simon Arctic Gravity Project 2016 T2-25 2, 1, 5 PDF
*Jean-Gagnon, Frankie; Forbes, Mark; and Gilchrist, Grant Identification of key marine habitats for migratory eider ducks in the Eastern Canadian Arctic T3-1 3, 4 PDF
Korneeva, Y.; Simonova, N. N.; Tyulyubaeva, T. O.; and others at Northern (Arctic) Federal University [named after M.V. Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk] The functional status' observation of oil and gas workers during the shift-in period the Arctic T3-2 3, Other PDF
*Panikkar, Bindu Extractive Industries and the Arctic: Community experiences and environmental legacies T3-3 3, 4 PDF
Roe, George; Holdmann, Gwen; Sheets, Brent Arctic Remote Energy Network Academy T3-4 3, 2 PDF
*Arp, Christopher; Whitman, Matthew; and Jones, Benjamin Observing Arctic Freshwater Habitat Dynamics in the Fish Creek Watershed, Alaska T4-1 4, 5, 1 PDF
*Saarela, Jeffery The critical role of natural history collections in documenting biodiversity of the Arctic in the past, present and future T4-2 4, 5, Other PDF
*Manley, William F.; Gaylord, Allison G.; Kassin, Ari; Villarreal, Sandra; Barba, Mauricio; Cody, Ryan; Dover, Mike; Escarzaga, Stephen; Habermann, Ted; Kozimor, John; Score, Roberta; and Tweedie, Craig. E. Visualization, Strategic Assessment, and Decision Support for Arctic Observing: The Arctic Observing Viewer (AOV) T4-3 4, 1, 2 PDF
*Druckenmiller, Matthew; Francis, Jennifer; Huntington, Henry Sea Ice Matters: Science Communication through the SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team T4-4 4 PDF
*Gädeke, Anne; Liljedahl, Anna; Arp, Christopher; Daanen, Ronald; Alexeev, Vladimir; Cai, Lei; Whitman, Matthew Physically based hydrological modeling to assess changes in surface water connectivity in an Arctic catchment T4-5 4, 5, 2 PDF
*Rolph, Rebecca; and Mahoney, Andy The need for stakeholder engagement in understanding impacts of observed changes in the timing of coastal freeze-up T4-6 4, 6 PDF
*Hum, Richard E.; Timm, Kristin Developing, implementing, and assessing a communication strategy designed to increase diverse stakeholder engagement in arctic relevant observation networks. T4-7 4, 6 PDF
*Lee, Olivia; Payne, John; Lassuy, Dennis; Eicken, Hajo; Vargas-Moreno, Juan Carlos Scenarios to prioritize observing activities on the North Slope, Alaska, in the context of resource development, climate change and socio-economic uncertainties T4-8 4 PDF
*Ibarguchi, Gabriela Biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring come of age T4-9 4, All PDF
*Stuefer, Svetlana; and Arp, Christopher Terrestrial Environmental Observing Network (TEON) – the Kuparuk River, Alaska’s Arctic, USA T4-10 4 PDF
*Wheeler, Helen; Berteaux, Dominique; Furgal, Chris; Parlee, Brenda; Rodrigues, Ana; Yoccoz, Nigel; and Gremillet, David The TAMANI project: Assessing needs and opportunities for inclusive pan-arctic monitoring of seabirds and terrestrial vertebrates T4-11 4, 5, Other PDF
*Cavazos-Guerra, C.; Keil, K.; Valeeva, V. and Chabay, I. Impacts of changes in the Arctic on stakeholders both inside and outside Arctic regions T4-12 4 PDF
*Kourantidou, Melina; Kaiser, Brooks; Fernandez, Linda; Sundet, Jan; Vestergaard, Niels Building upon cooperative prospects amongst stakeholders for fighting Arctic marine invasion challenges T4-13 4 PDF
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*Penn, Henry J.F.; Loring, Philip A. and Gerlach, S. Craig Seasons of stress: towards understanding people’s ability to respond to change and surprise T4-15 4, 5 PDF
*Arruda, Gisele Arctic resource development: a sustainable prosperity project of co-management T4-16 4, 6, 3 PDF
Mikheev, Valeriy L.; *Rozanova-Smith, Marya S.; and Gretsov, Andrey G. The Sustainable Development of Communities-in-Transition in the Arctic Region of Russia (Case Study of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic) T4-17 4, Other, 3 PDF
*Radenbaugh, Todd A. Adapting every day: An undergraduate Climate Change Course for Western Alaska T4-18 4, Other PDF
*Bieniek, Peter; Bhatt, Uma; Walsh, John; Rupp, Scott; and Lader, Rick Observational needs for regional downscaling in Alaska T4-19 4, Other PDF
*Kanao, Masaki; Tsuboi, Seiji; Toyokuni, Genti; Himeno, Tetsuto; Tono, Yoko; and Anderson, Kent The “Greenland Ice Sheet Monitoring Network (GLISN)” Initiative T5-1 5, 1 PDF
*Tape, Ken Observed changes in arctic terrestrial wildlife linked to 20th century warming T5-2 5, Other PDF
*Muskett, Reginald ICESat GLAS Elevation Changes and ALOS PALSAR InSAR Line-Of-Sight Changes on the Continuous Permafrost Zone of the North Slope, Alaska T5-3 5 PDF
*Muskett, Reginald; Romanovsky, Vladimir; Cable, William; Kholodov, Alexander Active-Layer Soil Moisture Content Regional Variations in Alaska and Russia by Ground-Based and Satellite-Based Methods, 2002 Through 2014 T5-4 5 PDF
*Yabuki, Hironori; Sugimura, Takeshi; Terui, Takeshi; Enomoto, Hiroyuki Future development and challenges on Arctic Data archive System(ADS) T5-5 5 PDF
*Inoue, Jun; Sato, Kazutoshi; and Enomoto, Hiroyuki Japanese contribution to the Polar Prediction Project (PPP) T5-6 5, 1 PDF
*Bullard, Joanna; Darlington, Eleanor; and members of the High Latitude and Cold Climate Dust Network Arctic Dust: observations, impacts and future initiatives T5-7 5 PDF
*Koide, Michihiro; Hori, Masahiro; Ito, Norimasa; and Kaneko, Yutaka JAXA's Arctic Observation from Space T5-8 5 PDF
*Huebner, Diane C.; and Bret-Harte, Marion S. Seedbank recruitment windows of opportunity in thaw slump thermokarsts near Toolik Lake, Alaska T5-9 5 PDF
*Iken, Katrin; Grebmeier , Jacqueline; Danielson, Seth; Hopcroft, Russ; Cooper ,Lee; Mueter, Franz; Kuletz, Kathy; Stafford, Kate; Collins, R. Eric; Moore, Sue; Bluhm, Bodil A.; Bochenek, Robert AMBON (Arctic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network) T5-10 5, 4 PDF
*Mukunda, M. Gogoi; and Babu, Suresh S. Indian efforts on Arctic Aerosol Research: Current status and Future plan T5-11 5 PDF
*Darlington, Eleanor. F and Hodgkins, Richard. Sediment plumes: a remote method of detecting meltwater discharge from marine terminating glaciers T5-12 5 PDF
*Vihma, Timo; Uttal, Taneil; Walden, Von; Cox, Christopher; Starkweather, Sandy; Makshtas, Alexander; and Key, Jeff Application of IASOA circumpolar observations in studies of atmospheric transports into and out of the Arctic T5-13 5 PDF
*Mudunkotuwe, Dulini Yasara; De Silva, Waruna Arampath; and Yamaguchi, Hajime Improving sea ice predictions along the Northern Shipping Route using observation data T5-14 5 PDF
*Ha, H.K.; La, H.S.; Son, E.Y.; and Im, J. Arctic sea ice camp study for observing suspended materials T5-15 5 PDF
*Kodama, Yuji; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Yamanouchi, Takashi; Ohata, Tetsuo; Ikeda, Motoyoshi Introduction of “Long-term plan for Arctic Environmental Research” T5-16 5 PDF
*Kodama, Yuji; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Yamanouchi, Takashi Sustainable seamless monitoring in the Arctic T5-16 5 PDF
Newman, Paul A.; Chipperfield, Martyn P.; Manney, Gloria L.; Simpson, William R.; and *Collins, Richard L. The Ozone Hole and World Avoided T5-18 5 PDF
Manney, Gloria L.; Rex, Markus; Simpson, William R.; and *Collins, Richard L. Ozone Loss and Ozone Holes in the Arctic T5-19 5 PDF
Simpson, William R.; *Collins, Richard L.; Li, Jintai ; Triplett, Colin ; Harvey, V. Lynn; Petropavlovskikh, Irina ; McConville, Glen; McPeters, Richard D.; and Evans, Robert D. Observing the Arctic Ozone Layer, Stratosphere, and Mesosphere T5-12 5 PDF
*Masrur, Arif; Petrov, Andrey Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Wildfire Activity in the Tundra Biome Using MODIS Data (2001-2015) T5-21 5, Other PDF
*Taylor, Patrick; Kato, Seiji; Xu, Kuan-man; Cai, Ming Covariance between atmospheric state regimes, Arctic low clouds, and sea ice T5-22 5 PDF
*Potter, Rachel; Fang, Ying-Chih; Statscewich, Hank; Weingartner, Thomas Surface Currents on the Northeastern Chukchi and Western Beaufort Sea Shelves as Detected by High Frequency Radars T5-23 5 PDF
*Kobayashi, Hideki; Yang, Wei; Yunus, Ali; Nagai, Shin; Ono, Yuhsaku; Sugiura, Konosuke; Nasahara, Kenlo; Kim, Yongwon; Van Dam, Brie; Nagano, Hirohiko; Zona, Donatella; Harazono, Yoshinobu; Bret-Harte, M. Syndonia; Ichii, Kazuhito; Ikawa, Hiroki; Iwata, Hiroki; Oechel, Walter; Ueyama, Masahito; and Suzuki, Rikie Satellite and ground-based monitoring of terrestrial ecosystem structure and phenology in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions T5-24 5 PDF
*Janzen, Carol D.; McCammon, Molly; Dugan, Darcy; Bochenek, Rob; and Koeppen, Will The AOOS Arctic Data Portal: A Gateway to Contemporary and Historical Arctic Data Resources, Analysis and Visualization Tools T5-25 5 (reassigned), Other PDF
Karcher, Michael; *Wilkinson, Jeremy; et al. Arctic-UNified Integrated Observing Network (Arctic-UNION) T5-26 5 PDF
Dodd, Paul A.; de Steur, Laura; Granskog, Mats; Fransson, Agneta; Chierici, Melissa; Pavlov, Alexey; and *Gerland, Sebastian The Fram Strait Arctic Outflow Observatory T5-27 5 PDF
*Suzuki, Rikie; Kim, Yongwon; Kobayashi, Hideki; Nagai, Shin; Saito, Kazuyuki; Sugiura, Konosuke; Iwahana, Go; and Busey, Robert Supersite for eco-hydrological observations at Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska T5-28 5 PDF
*Wyszyński, Przemysław; Klaus, Daniel; Dethloff, Klaus; Przybylak, Rajmund; Rinke, Annette and Handorf, Dörthe Intercomparison study between a regional climate model, two versions of the 20CR reanalysis, and surface-based observations on Franz Josef Land during the Early Twentieth Century Warming T5-29 5, Other PDF
*Engram, Melanie J.; Arp, Christopher D.; and Jones, Benjamin M. Observing lake ice regime changes on Alaska's coastal plain with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) T5-30 5, 2 PDF
*Park, Hotaek; Iijima, Yoshihiro; Fedorov, Alexander Design of hydrothermal and biogeochemical observation network in Northeastern Siberia T5-31 5 PDF
*Cristobal, Jordi; Buchhorn, Marcel; Prakash, Anupma; and Graham, Patrick Observations from field to space: a new integrated high-latitude hyperspectral laboratory for surface water and vegetation characterization in Alaska's Arctic and boreal regions T5-32 5 PDF
*Matsurua, Yojiro; Ono, Kenji; Fujii, Kazumichi; Noguchi, Kyotaro; Makita, Naoki; Morishita, Tomoaki; Toriyama, Jumpei Comparative study in forest soil properties among circumpolar regions T5-33 5 PDF
Steen, Harald; Granskog, Mats A.; Duarte, Pedro; *Gerland, Sebastian; Hudson, Stephen R.; Smedsrud, Lars H.; and Spreen, Gunnar N-ICE2015: Observational study on drifting Arctic sea ice north of Svalbard from winter to summer T5-34 5, Other PDF
*Bartsch, Annett; Grosse, Guido; Kääb, Andreas; Westermann, Sebastian; Strozzi, Tazio; Wiesmann, Andreas; Duguay, Claude; and Seifert, Frank Martin GlobPermafrost – how space supports understanding of permafrost? T5-35 5 PDF
*Hennessy, Thomas W.; Bruce, Michael G.; Rudolph, Karen; and Zulz, Tammy An AON for Human Health: International Circumpolar Surveillance System for Infectious Diseases T5-36 5, Other PDF
*Kholodov, Alexander; Romanovsky, Vladimir; Natali, Susan; and Loranti, Michael Ecosystem impact on thermal state of permafrost in Alaska T5-37 5, Other PDF
*Charapata, P.; Horstmann, L.; Misarti, N. What can bone steroid hormones tell us physiologically? A physiological look through time using Pacific walrus bone. T6-1 6, Other PDF
*Duffy, Lawrence K. Biocomplexity Nexus: Food and Contaminants along the Yukon River Watershed T6-2 6 PDF
*Panda, Santosh K.; Kholodov, Alexander; Dubay, Charlene; and Hanson, Teresa Engaging rural communities in permafrost and climate monitoring in the Upper Kuskokwim region, interior Alaska T6-3 6 PDF
Markon, Carl; *Skean, Vanessa Proposed Process for Use of Western Science, Citizen Based Monitoring, and Traditional Knowledge in Ecosystem Models T6-4 6 PDF
*Braem, Nicole Towards implementing an Arctic social indicators monitoring program: the promise of a short-form harvest survey T6-5 6, 4 PDF
*Black, Sandra; Barclay, Robert; Wynne-Edwards, Kathy; Cattet, Marc; Goldstein, Tracey; Stephen, Craig; Ferguson, Steven; Raverty, Stephen; Boisvert, Richard; Janz, David M.; Apprill, Amy; and Duignan, Padraig. An retrospective and integrative health index for Narwhal T6-6 6 PDF
*Gofman-Wallingford, Victoria; Quinlan, Becky Uninvited guests in the Arctic: invasive and unusual species observed by hunters and fisher in the Bering Sea Sub Network in 2009-13 T6-7 6, 4 PDF
*Spiers, Kent Gordon Toward Best Practices in Arctic Social and Ecological Sustainability: A Critical Evaluation of Community-Based Monitoring Programs T6-8 6 PDF
*Bell, Trevor; Angnatok, Joey; Arreak, Andrew; Braithwaite, Leah; Briggs, Rob; Clausi, David; Dawson, Jackie; Elverum, Shelly; Haas, Christian; Laing, Rodd; Ljubicic, Gita; Tivy, Adrienne; and Wilson, Katherine SmartICE: sea ice monitoring and forecasting in support of community well-being under changing climate and shipping conditions T6-9 6, 3, 4 PDF
*Forbes, Donald; Bell, Trevor; LeTissier, Martin; Overduin, Paul; Petrov, Andrey; Atkinson, David; Couture, Nicole; Eerkes-Medrano, Laura; Kraev, Gleb; Larsen, Joan Nymand; Marino, Elizabeth; Pulsifer, Peter; Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole; Riedlsperger, Rudy; Schweitzer, Peter; Vlasova, Tatiana; and Wilson, Katherine Circumpolar Coastal Communities Observatory Network T6-10 6 PDF
*Wilson, Katherine; Bell, Trevor; Ljubicic, Gita; Braithwaite, Leah; Arreak, Andrew; and Elverum, Shelly How can traditional ecological knowledge and western science be effectively mobilized to understand and respond to change in Arctic environments? T6-11 6 PDF
*Kaufman, M.; Lee, O.; Mahoney, A. R.; Jones, J.; Eicken, E.; Dammann, O.; and Shapiro, L. H. Technology, Science and Indigenous Knowledge; Tracking Sea Ice and Its Use at Barrow, Alaska T6-12 6, 2 PDF
*Overbeck, Jacquelyn; Maio, Christopher; Buzard, Richard Raising the Stakes for Stakeholders T6-13 6, 4 PDF
*Cost, Douglas; Lovecraft, Amy Education, Resilience, and Scenarios: Creating Capacity for Community-Based Observations through Youth Engagement T6-14 6, 4 PDF
Tatsuzawa, Shirow; Okhlopkov, Innokentiy, M.; Solomonov, Nikita G.; Isaev, Arcady, P.; Nikolaev, Egor A.; Kirillin, Egor V.; Kirillin, Ruslan A.; Mamaev, Nikolai V.; Vladimirtseva, Maria V.; and Germogenov, Nikolai I. Community-based Adaptive Wildlife Management in Sakha Republic, Russia, under the Global Warming Condition T6-15 6, 4 PDF
*Horstmann-Dehn, Lara; Stimmelmayr, Raphaela; Wooller, Matthew; and George, Craig Blubber and beyond - contribution of ice derived fats to bowhead whales TO-1 Other PDF
*Huebner, Diane C.; and Syndonia, Bret-Harte M. Recruitment windows of opportunity in thaw slump thermokarsts near Toolik Lake, Alaska TO-2 Other (reassigned) PDF
*Thakur, Roseline C.; Thamban, Meloth Effect of meteorological and sea ice conditions on the chemical composition of Arctic aerosols during late winter – a case study TO-3 Other PDF
*Na, Guangshui; Wei, Wei; and Yao, Yao Distribution characteristics and indicator significance of Dechloranes in multi-matrices at Ny-Ålesund in the Arctic TO-4 Other PDF
*Liljedahl, Anna; Boike, Julia; Daanen, Ronald; Fedorov, Alexander; Frost, Gerald; Grosse, Guido; Hinzman, Larry; Iijma, Yoshihiro; Jorgenson, Janet; Matveyeva, Nadya; Necsoiu, Marius; Raynolds, Martha; Romanovsky, Vladimir; Schulla, Jörg; Tape, Ken; Walker, Donald; Wilson, Cathy; Yabuki, Hironori; Zona, Donatella Pan-arctic ice-wedge degradation in warming permafrost and influence on tundra hydrology TO-5 Other, 2 PDF
*Zawierucha, Krzysztof; Kaczmarek, Łukasz; and Ostrowska, Marta Climatic and environmental factors influencing tardigrade communities in Svalbard Archipelago TO-MAR16-6 Other PDF
*Zawierucha, Krzysztof; Ostrowska, Marta; Vonnahme, R. Tobias; Devetter, Miloslav; Nawrot, Adam; Kosicki, Jakub Z.; and Kolicka, Małgorzata Tardigrada in Arctic cryoconite holes (Spitsbergen, Svalbard) – diversity and abundance TO-MAR16-7 Other PDF
Roszkowska, Milena; Ostrowska, Marta; *Zawierucha, Krzysztof; and Kaczmarek, Łukasz Barcoding DNA – a tool to study diversity of tardigrades in Arctic TO-MAR16-8 Other PDF
Kolicka, Małgorzata; and *Zawierucha, Krzysztof Freshwater Chaetonotidae (Gastrotricha) from West Greenland TO-MAR16-9 Other PDF
Makowska, Nicoletta; Nadobna, Paulina; *Zawierucha, Krzysztof; Koczura, Ryszard and Mokracka, Joanna The occurence of integrons in bacteria isolated from cryoconites and soil samples from Spitsbergen TO-MAR16-10 Other PDF
Murray, Maribeth; *Wells, Patricia; and Ibarguchi, Gabriela Northern Seas: Inventorying Historic Logs for Arctic Climate and Ecosystem Data Reconstruction TO-MAR17-11 Other, 5 -
*Sparrow, Elena B.; Spellman, Katie V. Integrating Culturally-Responsive, Locally Relevant Learning and Citizen Science through Arctic and Earth SIGNs TO-MAR17-12 6 (under Other due to space) PDF
*Zhang, Xiangdong; Zhang, Jing; Krieger, Jeremy R.; Shulski, Martha; Liu, Fuhong; Tao, Wei; and Stagall, Steve Chukchi-Beaufort Seas High-Resolution Atmosphere Reanalysis (CBHAR): Data Verification and Climate Analysis TO-MAR17-13 2,5 (under Other due to space) PDF
*Green, Carrie Exploring Children's Environmental Identity Development in an Subarctic Boreal Forest TO-MAR17-14 Other, 4, 6 PDF
Yuansheng, Li and *Beichen, Zhang Monitoring Environment in Polar Regions --- An introduction to Chinese Arctic Observations TO-MAR17-15 Other, 5 (under Other due to space) PDF


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