AOS 2020 White Papers and Short Statements



AOS 2020 - White Papers/Short Statements for Public Review 

In preparation for the 2020 Arctic Observing Summit, community input was invited in the form of white papers and short statements. The following articles have been submitted for public review and discussion for the 2020 Summit. 

Thematic Working Group chairs are currently preparing synthesis documents (to be posted prior to the Summit) based on input received to report on the state of Arctic observing under each 2020 sub-theme. These documents will serve as a catalyst to identify linkages among sub-themes, needs and priorities, and to generate discussion around solutions, implementation, community engagement, and international cooperation. In some cases, working group chairs/rapporteurs will be engaging with you directly for pre-Summit discussions.  

We are pleased to share with you a document summarizing the framework (available here) that we hope will guide preparatory discussions prior to and during the Summit for each working group. In addition to this summary document, a more in-depth version (available here) is provided as direct guidance for working group activities and meant to ensure that input received from all working groups and breakout sessions during the Summit is collected in a way that helps to inform the broader process. 

Papers are listed below.

Author(s) Title of White Paper/Short Statement First Author's email  Submission  ID# Sub-Theme(s) PDF


Yurganov, L.N. The need for a year round satellite monitoring of atmospheric methane over the Arctic Ocean 2019_001 1 & 5 link
Streletskiy, D., Maslakov, A., Noetzli, J., Schoeneich, P., Smith, S., Vieira, G. and Irrgang, A. Sustaining permafrost observations: priorities and needs of the Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) 2019_002 1 & 5 link
Koponen, S., Attila, J., Kallio, K., Anttila, S., Alasalmi, H., Kervinen, M., Keto, V., Bruun, E., Vakeva, S., Metsamaki, S., Heinila, K., Bottcher, K. and Torma, M. Utlization of the Copernicus programme for the monitoring of the Arctic 2019_003 1 & 5 link
Davis, K.K. Observing for Action: A Narrative 2019_004 2 link
Kaplin, N. Urgent Measures to stop Siberian Forest Fires 2019_005 1 & 3 link
Gascon, G., Mariani, Z.,, Melo, S., Mills, B. and Wheeler, M. Leveraging existing sites for meteorological observations to support Search and Rescue operations in the Arctic 2019_006 2 link
Christensen, T. R., Stedmon, C.A., Andersen, S.B., Dahl-Jensen, D., Edelvang, K., Hansen, A.M., Jakobsen, U., Matzler, E., Mikkelsen, P.S., Mulvad, G., Rysgaard, S., Seidenkrantz, M-S. and Sorensen, L.L. Greenland Integrated Observing System (GIOS): A potential sustained contribution to Internationl Arctic Research and Development 2019_007 1 & 5 link


Köhler, A., Antonovska, G., Chamarczuk, M., Fedorov, A., Gajek, W., Geissler, W.,  Majdanski, M., Malinowski, M., Schweitzer, J., Vinogradov, Y


Seismological monitoring in the Arctic for fostering multidisciplinary studies of the solid Earth 2 and the cryosphere

2019_008 1 link
Petaja, T. Integrating the environmental data for the Arctic: from observations to applications 2019_009 1 link
Lappalainen, H., Petaja, T., Vihma, T. and Kumala, M. Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Program addressing the future needs of the Northern High Latitudes Research Infrastructure 2019_010 5 link
Abdel-Fattah, D., Ekenberg, L. and Larsson, A. The use of multi-criteria decision analysis in understanding Arctic change in a cryosphere context 2019_011 2 link
Hubner, C., Holmen, K., Lihavainen, H., Jennings, I., Ignatiuk, D., Jawak, S., Godoy, O. and Andersen, B. Coordinating a distributed mutlidisciplinary observing system - lessons learned from Svalbard 2019_012 1 link
Law, K., Arnold, S., Schmale, J., Petaja, T., Kostantinov, P. and Baklanov, A. Arctic Air Pollution and Society 2019_013 2 & 5 link
Jones, T., Behe, C., McLennan, D., Arvnes, M., Wesseberg, S., Sergienko, L., Harris, C., Harcharek, Q., Fletcher, S., Nichols, S., Christensen, T. and Larusson, K.F.

A Co-production of Knowledge Approach to Monitor Change in the Biodiversity of Circum-Arctic Coastal Ecosystems

2019_014 1 & 3 link
Seeyave, S and Owens, N.

Statement from the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO) on the need for an Arctic Regional Component of the Global Ocean Observing System 2019_015 5 link
Lee, O., Wiggins, H. and Little, J.

Bridging organizations to support researcher recommendations, and tackle unresolved societal value assessments for sustained Arctic observing 2019_016 2 link

Tjernström, M., Pirazzini, R., Sandven, S., Sagen, H., Hamre, T., Ludwigsen, C., Beszczynska- Möller, A., Gustafsson, D., Heygster, G., Sejr, M., Ahlstrøm, A.,   Navarro, F., Goeckede, M., Zona, D., Buch, E., Sorensen, M.,  Soltwedel, T. and Danielsen, F.

INTAROS synthesis of gap analysis of the existing Arctic observing systems 2019_017 1 & 5 link
Taylor, A.R., Farmer, L. and Bombosch, A

Arctic expedition cruise tourism and citizen science: a valuable contribution to Arctic observing capacity 2019_018 1 link

Tishkov, A.,  Belonovskaya, E., Glazov, P., Vaisfeld, M., Krenke, A., Morozova, O., Tertitskiy, G., Svetlana Titova, S., Lappo, E. and Tsarevskaya, N.

Changes of the Russian Arctic Biota: The Scales and Factors 2019_019 5 link

Sagen, H., Sandven, S., Hamre, T., Sørensen, M., Soltwedel, T., Beszczynska-Møller, A.,  Blondel, P., Sejr, M., Houssais, Marie-N., Tronstad, S., Voss, P., Rønning, B., Worcester, P. F. and Matthew D.

The Future Arctic Ocean Observing System (F-AOOS) 2019_020 1 link

Garland, A.,  Seemann, H., Ravens, T. and Overbeck, J. 

Arctic Risk Management Network: Linking Regional Practitioners and Researchers to Improve Mitigation Through Participatory Action Research by Community Monitors about Erosion and Surges to Improve Forecasting 2019_021 2 link
Manley, W. F., Gaylord, A. G and Tweedie, C.E.
Optimizing Arctic Observing Through Interoperable Information Sharing Across Networks
2019_022 1 & 4 link
Hogg, I.D

SCAR’s ANTOS initiative as a potential model for monitoring terrestrial and nearshore marine environments in the Arctic 2019_023 1 link

Divine, L.M. and Robson, B.

The Indigenous Sentinel Network: The use of community-based monitoring to enhance food security in northern coastal communities 2019_024 3 link

Kourantidou, M. and Bailey, M.

Monitoring food insecurity among Inuit: The Forgotten Pillar of Fisheries Management 2019_025 3 link
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Alaska Inuit Food Security Definition 2019_026 3 link
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska

Food Sovereignty and Self Governance – Inuit Role in Managing Arctic Marine Resources 2019_028 3 link
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Eskimo Walrus Commission Focus Group Summary on Food Sovereignty and Self Governance 2019_029 3 link
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Yup'ik and Cup'ik Past and Current Managers of Salmon Focus Group: Food Sovereignty and Self Governance 2019_030 3 link
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Inuit Past and Current Managers of Marine Resources Focus Group: Food Sovereignty and Self Governance 2019_031 3 link
Druckenmiller, M., Mutter, E. and Divine, L. Toward Advances and Applications for Landscape-Scale Coordinated Monitoring Networks in Alaska and Northwest Canada 2019_032 2 link
Barry, T., Helgasson, H., Christensen, T. and Fannar-Larusson, K. The Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS) - ensuring archiving and access to biodiversity data 2019_033 4 & 5 link
Behe, C., Daniel, R.G. and Raymond-Yakoubian, J. Observing frameworks need to reflect a co-production of knowlege approach to equitably include Indigenous Knowledge systems 2019_034 1 & 3 link

Ruiga, I.R., and Burmenko, T.A.

Monitoring System to the Energy Security Threats of the Arctic Regions 

2019_035 2 link
Joseph, H., Loseto, L. and Larsen, J.R.

Plans for an Arctic Global Earth Observation System of Systems - Arctic GEOSS 2019_036 5 link
Inuit Circumpolar Council Alaska Food Sovereignty and Self Governance - Inuit Role in Managing Arctic Marine Resources - Collective Meeting Summary Report 2019_037 3 link
Barry, T., Christenses, T., Coone, C., Fannar-Larusson, K., Fletches, S. and Marissink, M. Statement to the Arctic Observing Summit on the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) 2019_038 1, 2, 5 link
Sudakov, I. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Modeling for investigation of permafrost disturbance in the Arctic 2019_039 1 & 4 link
Konoreva L.A., Chesnokov S.V., Prokopiev I.A. and Poryadina L.N. Lichens as one of the most important component of monitoring studies in terrestrial ecosystems of the Russian Arctic and Svalbard 2019_040 1 link
Andersen, H.S. Copernicus needs for Arctic In Situ data

2019_041 4 link
Cripe, D. and Jarvis, I. GEO and GEOGLAM: a Model for Arctic Observing Systems Cooperation White paper  2019_042 1 & 5 link
Danielsen, F., Enomoto, H., Enghoff, M., Holm, L K., Lee, O., Nuttall, M. and Otsuka, N. Capacity development to promote collaborative natural resource management and community-based monitoring in the Arctic 2019_043 1 link
Enghoff, M., Vronski, N., Shadrin, V., Sulyandziga, R. and Danielsen, F. Community-based observing for action in Yakutia, Russia 2019_044 3 link
Straneo, F., Sutherland, D.A., Stearns, L., Catania, G., Heimbach, P., Moon, T., Cape, M.R., Laidre, K.L., Barber, D., Rysgaard, S., Mottram, R., Olsen, S., Hopwood, M.J and Meire, L.

The Case for a Sustained Greenland Ice Sheet-Ocean Observing System (GrIOOS)

2019_045 5 link
Planck, C. Advances in Autonomous Sea Ice Mass Balance Observation 2019_046 1 & 4 link
Joseph, H., Loseto, L. and Larsen, J.R. SAON – Committee on Observations and Networks Summary Report of State of Readiness on Arctic Observations 2019_047 5 link

Poulsen, M.K., Iversen, L., Cheeseman, T., Damsgård, B.,  Davies, I., Jennings, I.,  Jørgensen, F., Meraldi, V., Mikkelsen, N.E., Sokolíčkova, Z., Sørensen, K., Tatarek., A., Penelope Wagner, P., Sandven, S.  and Danielsen, F.

Improving and expanding the environmental monitoring efforts of expedition cruise ships in the Arctic 2019_048 2 link

Starkweather., S., Larsen, J.R., Kruemmel, E., Eicken, H., Arthurs, D., Biebow, N., Christensen, T., Delgado, R., Gambardella, A., Kallhok, S., Johannson, M., Jóhannsson, H., Kodama, Y and Sandven, S.

Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (ROADS)  2019_049 link

Starkweather, S., Cananico, G., McCammon, M., Smith, G., Lee, C.,  Fuglestad, J.L.

Advancing an Arctic Regional Component of the Global Ocean Observing System under SAON, the GOOS Regional Alliance and the UN Decade for Ocean Science  2019_050 1 & 5 link

Danielsen, F., Akearok, J., Lyberth, B., Tengö., M and Enghoff, M.

Towards the increased use of local knowledge in international management bodies' advisory services 2019_051 2 link
Johnson, N., Danielsen,  F., Lee, O., Fidel, M., Poulsen, M.K., Eicken, H. and Iversen, L.

Design, Optimization and Implementation of Community-Based Monitoring Programs in the Arctic  2019_052 1 link

Duncan, B. N and Ott, L. E

Space‐Based Observations for Understanding Changes in the Arctic‐Boreal Zone 2019_053 1 link
Gilmour, J.

Monitoring and Surveillance Systems in the Canadian Arctic 2019_054 1 & 2 link
Heath, J.P.

THE ARCTIC EIDER SOCIETY: SIKU and the Hudson Bay Consortium - Indigenous-driven solutions for thriving communities. 2019_055 3 link

For questions about the statements and synthesis process, submission of contributions, and coordination, please contact Maribeth Murray ( or Ravi Darwin Sankar (

Please note: contact information has been retained for lead authors to facilitate communication prior to and at the AOS.










































"The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) is a high-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems. The AOS provides a platform to address urgent and broadly recognized needs of Arctic observing across all components of the Arctic system, including the human component. It fosters international communication and the widespread coordination of long-term observations aimed at improving understanding and responding to system-scale Arctic change."