AOS 2020 - Registration and Travel information

Register for AOS 2020

The upcoming AOS will be held in conjunction with the 2020 Arctic Science Summit Week. To register for the AOS only or for AOS plus ASSW, please visit:

The most up-to-date information on the AOS program and session details are available here. The AOS program and further detail on ASSW events are also posted on the ASSW website.


Practical Information

For information on travel information, hotels and the venue, please visit the following links.

> Travel information to Iceland and Akureyri:

> Accommodation: click here

Activities and Tours: click here

We look forward to seeing you in Akureyri!

"The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) is a high-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems. The AOS provides a platform to address urgent and broadly recognized needs of Arctic observing across all components of the Arctic system, including the human component. It fosters international communication and the widespread coordination of long-term observations aimed at improving understanding and responding to system-scale Arctic change."