In preparation for the Arctic Observing Summit 2018, community input was invited in the form of short statements (below) and poster presentations. The following articles have been submitted for public review and discussion for the AOS 2018. Thematic Working Groups have been preparing synthesis documents (to be posted) to report on the state of Arctic observing under each theme, and to identify linkages among themes, remaining gaps, needs and priorities, and to generate discussion around solutions, implementation, community engagement, and international cooperation.

Papers are listed below: The numbers under 'THEME, WG' refer to the AOS themes and Working Groups.

These papers can now be downloaded, but a revised, final version will be posted as it becomes available.   


Sub-Theme 1: The Need for the Observing System

Brady, M.B.  A Collaborative, Community-Based Arctic Observing Network to address Coastal Exposure to Climate Risks in Alaska's North Slope  (1), 1  link 
Dobricic, S., Monforti-Ferrario, F., Pozzoli, L., Vignati, E., Wilson, J., Gambardella, A., Tilche, A. Impact Assessment on a Long-Term Investment on Arctic Observations (IMOBAR) (1), 1 link
Eegeesiak, O., Aariak, E., Kleist, K.S. People of the Ice-Bridge: Inuit Led Monitoring of the Pikialasorsuaq (1), 1  link 
Johnson, N., Danielsen, F., Fidel, M., Pulsifer, P., Iversen, L., Eicken, H., Lee, O., Hauser, D., Poulsen, M.K., Strawhacker, C., Bell, T., Loseto, L., Druckenmiller, M., Cunsolo, A., Gillis, D., Shiwak, I., Nickels, S., Divine, L., Chapin, S. Community-Based Monitoring Infrastructures for Pan-Arctic Observing: Policy-Regulatory, Technological, Social, and Economic Dimensions  (1), 1  link 
Kharlampieva, N.K.  The Basin Concept in Arrangement of Conditions of Science-Based Life of Russian Arctic Indigenous People  (1), 1  link
Skold, P., Baer, K.C., Scheepstra, A., Latola, K., Biebow, N.  The SDGs and the Arctic: The Need for Polar Indicators  (1), 1  link 
Vlasova, T., Petrov, A., Larsen, J.V., Volkov, S., Khropov, A., Kaplin, N.  Monitoring Arctic Sustainability: Reinvigorating International Efforts to Develop Arctic Sustainability Indicators  (1), 1  link 

Sub-Theme 2: Implementing and Optimizing a Pan-Arctic Observing System

Blondel, P., Sagen, H. Monitoring the Arctic Acoustic Environments (2), 2 link
Bradley, A., Obbard, R. Coastal Sea Ice: A Case Study in Observing System Analysis (2), 2 link
Buch, E., Sandven, S., Haapala, J. The Arctic Observing Summit is invited to endorse and promote the idea to establish a Regional alliance for the Arctic Ocean - an Arctic GOOS under the UNESCO/IOC led Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) with the goal to ensure a sustained fit-for purpose ocean observing system in the Arctic Ocean (2), 2 link
Kelly, B.P., Eicken, H., Lee, C., Kling, G., Rigor, I., Starkweather, S. Arctic Futures 2050; Advancing Arctic Observing in an Open Science/Policy Meeting  (2), 2 link
McCammon, M., Janzen, C., Danielson, S., Weingartner, T., Winsor, P., Statscewich, H., Mahoney, A., Page, E., Heim, R. Marine and Coastal Safety and Security Infrastructure for the New Arctic Marine Highway (2), 2 link
McLennan, D., Wagner, J. The Canadian Arctic Monitoring and Prediction System (CAMPS) - A Coordinated Knowledge Network to Understand and Anticipate Change in Canada's Northern Ecosystems   (2), 2 link
Nassar, R., McLinden C., Garand, L., McElroy, T., Sioris, C., Adamovic, M., Adams, C., Boisvenue, C., Drolet, G., Grandmont, F., Johnson, M., Jones, D.B.A., Kolonjari, F., Lantagne, S.M., Martin, R.V., Mendonca, J., Miller, C.E., Moreau, L., O'Neill, N., Polavarapu, S., Rochon, Y., Simpson, W.R., Strong, K., Tamminen, J., Trishchenko, A., Walker, K.A., Wunch, D. The Atmospheric Imaging Mission for Northern Regions: AIM-North (2), 2 link

Sagen, H., Sandven, S., Dzieciuch, M., Worcester, P.

Evolution of Multipurpose Acoustic Observatories in the Arctic (2), 2 link


Sandven, S., Sagen, H., Buch, E., Pirazzini, R., Gustavson, D., Beszczynska-Moller, A., Voss, P., Danielsen, F., Iversen, L., Goncalves, P., Hamre, T., Ottersen, G., Sejr, M., Zona, D., Dwyer, N. The In-Situ Component of Arctic Observing Systems - Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation of Platforms and Sensors (2), 2 link
Starkweather, S., Farrell, S., Helfrich, S.,  Intrieri, J. The Case for a Framework - Optimizing Observing Data Systems for Sea Ice Forecasting and Monitoring under the Arctic Observing Network (2), 2 link
Toole, J.M., Krishfield, R.A., O'Brien, J.K., Cole, S.T., Laney, S.R., Thwaites, F.T., Timmermans, M-L., DeGrandpre, M.D. Autonomous Observation of the Arctic Ocean below Sea Ice  (2), 2  link 
Brady, M.B. The Need for Collaborative, Stakeholder-Based Arctic Observing Networks (2), 3 link
Camps, A. Vision and Mission of "IEEE" in the North and South Poles (2), 3 link
Christensen, T., Longan, S., McLennan, D., Jones, T., Keatley, B., Bengtson, J., Goedkoop, W., Culp, J., Heiomarsson, S., Aronsson, M., Price, C., Larusson, K.F., Barry, T. Facilitating More Rapid Detection, Communication, and Response to the Significant Biodiversity-Related Trends and Pressures Affecting the Circumpolar World (2), 3 link
Gallo, J. and Sylak-Glassman, E. Toward a Pan-Arctic Observing System: Analysis of Current Observational Gaps and Issues (2), 3 link
Lee, O.A. Scenarios of Strategic Investments in Coordinated Observing of Pacific Walrus Sea Ice Habitat (2), 3 link
Seeyave, S., Wiltshire, K., Owens, N.  Statement from the Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans (POGO) on the need for and Challenges facing Sustained Arctic Observations and their International Coordinations (2), 3  link 
Pirazzini, R., Gustafsson, D., Tjernstrom, M., Ahlstrom, A., Schewe, I., Thorne, P., Sagen, H., Sandven., S. Assessment and Exploitation of the Existing Arctic Observing Systems under the INTAROS project  (2), 4  link 
Uttal, T., Casati, B. Merged Observatory Data Files (MODFs) from an Arctic Atmospheric Observing Network: Developed to Support the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) (2), 4 link
Qiu, Y et al. A Cold Regions Information Service Approach for Societal Benefits (2), 4 link

Sub-Theme 3: Leveraging Observing Systems and Networks

Alessa, L., Ambrose, W., Kliskey, A. Re-thinking the Arctic Observing System for Improved Data Integration and Information Sharing (3), 5 link
Berx, B., Cottier, F., Cunningham, S., Gallego, A., Holliday, N.P., Hopkins, J., Inall, M., McDonagh, E., Miller, R.G., Moffat, C.F., Turrell, W.R. Scotland's Marine Monitoring Actions and Their Contribution to International Efforts for a Sustained Arctic Observing System (3), 5 link
Larsen, J.R., Strahlendorf, M., Cripe, D.


Building an Arctic GEOSS SAON Strategy: 2018-2028  (3), 5 link
Rosel, A., Cohen, L., Liston, G.E., Hudson, S., Itkin, P., Gerland, S. Arctic Heat Transfer Mechanisms between Ocean and Atmosphere during Autumn and Winter (3), 5 link
Strand, S.M., Streletskiy, D., Biskaborn, B. Integrating Permafrost Monitoring into a Pan-Arctic Observing System (3), 5 link
Wilson, C., Farrell, S.L., Robinson, D., Sevadjian, J., Lance, V. PolarWatch - A NOAA Initiative to Increase Access to Ocean Remote Sensing Data Products for the Arctic and Southern Oceans (3), 5 link
Berkman, P.A., Kullerud, L., Pope, A., Vylegzhanin, A.N., Young, O.R. The Arctic Science Agreement Propels Science Diplomacy (3), 6  link
Bell, T., Forbes, D.L., Le Tissier, M. Why Arctic Community Research Readiness and Priorities Matter (3), 6 link
Cross, J.N., Hurst, T.P., Foy, R.J., Long, W.C., Dalton, M.G., Stone, R.P. Successes and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Ocean Acidification Research in Alaska (3), 6 link
Wright, B. Tracking Harmful Algal Blooms in the Pacific Arctic (3), 6 link
Turrell, W.R. A Century of Marine Monitoring in Scotland: A Small Nation at One of the Gateways to the Arctic. (3), 6 link
Brubaker, M & Brook, M. The Local Environmental Observation Network (3), 6 link

For questions about the statements and synthesis process, submission of contributions, and coordination, please contact Maribeth Murray ( or Ravi Darwin Sankar (

Please note: contact information has been retained for authors to facilitate communication at the AOS.

"The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) is a high-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems. The AOS provides a platform to address urgent and broadly recognized needs of Arctic observing across all components of the Arctic system, including the human component. It fosters international communication and the widespread coordination of long-term observations aimed at improving understanding and responding to system-scale Arctic change."