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 AOS 2018 Poster Abstracts

Deadline for Submissions Extended to May 30, 2018!

The 2018 Arctic Observing Summit will include POSTER PRESENTATIONS
based on the AOS 2018 themes. Presentations will take place on two evenings: June 24th and June 25th. Registration is required for all AOS participants and presenters. More information is available on the polar2018 registration page. 

Contact us at: aos@arcticobserving.com

Quick links:

  • Registration page (POLAR 2018)
  • Poster Submission Deadline: MAY 30th, 2018

Highlight your research, program, organization or ideas - Submit a POSTER ABSTRACT for AOS 2018

The fourth Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) will be held in 2018 (June 24-26) in Davos, Switzerland in conjunction with POLAR 2018. Your input and contributions in the form of poster presentations are welcome to highlight important issues and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas to design, build, implement, expand, and provide long-term support for an international Arctic observing systems network. Ideally, poster presentations should focus on these key themes selected for the upcoming AOS, but other topics that are relevant for AOS are welcome:

  • Theme 1: The Business Case for a pan-Arctic Observing System
  • Sub-Theme 1: The need for the Observing System
  • Sub-Theme 2: Implementing and optimizing a pan-Arctic Observing System
  • Sub-Theme 3: Operating Observing Systems and Networks
  • Other: Please email us to discuss other topics prior to submission to ensure inclusion in AOS 2018

Expanded descriptions of these themes are available here. Presentations that include research results, overviews of initiatives or programs, highlights from ongoing organizations or groups, reviews of priorities or challenges, or proposed solutions for sustained and coordinated Arctic observing, are welcome. In addition, opportunities exist to prepare short statements that can complement poster presentations, or to explore related topics in greater detail. Contributions can be submitted by members in non-Arctic countries and topics that relate to opportunities to collaborate or coordinate international programs can be included.

To submit a poster abstract, please fill out the webform below. The submission form is now OPEN! See further poster instructions below.
On behalf of the AOS Executive Organizing Committee and our partners, thank you for your contributions!





  • Posters should be in A0 portrait format (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) 
  • Poster sessions will take place on the evenings of June 24th (5:30 - 7:00 pm) and June 25th (6:00 to 7:00 pm); authors should plan to stand by their poster for at least some of the time, during at least one of these evenings.
  • Presenters should be registered for AOS (please visit the registration page (POLAR2018).
  • Poster content should include all coauthors, their institutions, a contact email for the Lead Author, a descriptive title, and a short abstract or key points section. Coauthors can list references and acknowledgments on their posters also (content and format are flexible for all sections).
  • Poster set-up and take-down: Posters will be available during most of the AOS:
    • SET-UP: anytime after 8 am, June 24th. 
    • TAKE-DOWN: starting at 9 am, June 26th and completed by noon (latest).

For information on AOS poster abstracts please send a message to: aos@arcticobserving.com. Thank you for your contributions!




Please contact us to make changes to your submission (aos@arcticobserving.com)