AOS 2016

AOS 2016: 3rd Biennial Arctic Observing Summit
Fairbanks, Alaska - March 2016 

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The  3rd Arctic Observing Summit, AOS 2016, was held at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, March 15-18, 2016, in conjunction with Arctic Science Summit Week (March 12-15) and the 2016 Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials meeting (March 15-17). 

The AOS Executive Organizing Committee selected a set of themes based on needs and recommendations from AOS 2013, AOS 2014, community Town Hall meetings, and previous white paper contributions. Please see our AOS 2016 Themes below or visit this link for more detailed descriptions.

Community input in the form of AOS WHITE PAPER AND SHORT STATEMENT CONTRIBUTIONS and POSTER ABSTRACTS was invited in preparation for the AOS 2016. For more information about Fairbanks, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and other important meetings and side events associated with ASSW 2016, please see the comprehensive program and visit the ASSW 2016 homepage to follow news, articles and to access recorded sessions (scroll down to the middle of that web page). 


Based on recommendations from previous Summits, AOS 2016 will focus on the following themes. Please see detailed descriptions here.

  1. International and national strategies for sustained support of long-term Arctic observing
  2. Technology and innovation for sustained Arctic observations
  3. Contributions of the Private Sector and Industry to sustained Arctic observations
  4. Actor and Stakeholder engagement and needs in sustained Arctic observations
  5. Arctic Observations in the context of Global Observing initiatives
  6. Interfacing Indigenous Knowledge, Community-based Monitoring and Scientific Methods for sustained Arctic observations

Photos: G. Ibarguchi


 We thank all thematic working group members, authors, presenters, organizers, volunteers, and participants!
Stay tuned for news on AOS 2018! 

Jane Wolken, Olivia Lee and Gabriela Ibarguchi at UAF.

(R-L): Jane Wolken, Olivia Lee and Gabriela Ibarguchi at AOS 2016.

"The Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) is a high-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems. The AOS provides a platform to address urgent and broadly recognized needs of Arctic observing across all components of the Arctic system, including the human component. It fosters international communication and the widespread coordination of long-term observations aimed at improving understanding and responding to system-scale Arctic change."