AOS 2014 and Themes

AOS and ASSW 2014

The AOS 2014 was held in conjunction with the Arctic Science Summit Week 2014 (ASSW 2014) in Helsinki, Finland, April 5-11, 2014. It was led by the International Study of Arctic Change (ISAC) and co-organized with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Thule Institute. It continued the AOS process established functioning as a venue for exchange and discussion of information critical to building a sustained, integrated, multi-domain observing system of pan-Arctic scale.

Thematic focus of AOS 2014:

(1) Stakeholder engagement

(2) Coordination and international cooperation

(3) Technology and innovation

(4) Remote sensing solutions

(5) Data management, accessibility, and interoperability

Materials and products available from AOS 2014:

  • Programme: here
  • Live-Streaming: Organizers of the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) 2014 provided webcasts of Summit presentations and the availability of virtual participation in online discussions via the Arctic Hub website: